Joke on SE 12th

My style is timeless, comfortable, and polished. My favorite accessory is typically a scarf.
Joke, Owner / Designer Tokketok Letterpress

shirt: J Crew
pants: Gap
blazer: Hinge
boots: Cole Haan
bag: Cole Haan

Olivia Bee on Mount Tabor

I like unique vintage items. I like to mix grunge with girly and pull in elements from many decades. I don't like too many colors.
- Olivia Bee, photographer

dress: thrifted
coat: thrifted
tights: H&M
boots: Dr Martins
bag: mom bought in Greece
camera: Olympus
sunglasses: thrifted

Lauren on SE Washington

I'm inspired by menswear but always dress like a lady.
-Lauren, pre-med student

shirt: Ever
jacket: thrifted
jeggings: Gap
socks: mystery
shoes: Report
hat: H&M
bag: Hobo
gloves: Target
earrings: Target
bracelet: Grayling Jewelry

June in the Park Blocks

I like to dress literary.
- June, graphic design student

dress: H&M
tights: Forever 21
shoes: thrifted
coat: Forever 21
glasses: Oliver Peoples

Todd at St Johns bridge

I like super comfortable and affordable clothes. I dress stylish, sexy, a little European, I always wear at least one piece that's gray. You don't have to dress up to look good.
- Todd, national retail manager for Kalkhoff e-bikes

jacket: Adidas sample, free, saved from the shredder
shirt: Sasa Graphics
pants: Nau, the old Nau for $5
shoes: Adidas, free from Adidas headquarters in Germany
belt: Branie
glasses: Lindberg
e-bike: Kalkhoff

Julian on NE 22nd st

Quasi-functional. Semi-austere. A little bit of flair.
-Julian Paul, furniture designer

shirt: American Apparel
jacket: Nau
pants: Insight
shoes: Bensimon

Nina on NE Couch

I just try to be as comfortable as possible. I live easy, I just put it on and go.
-Nina, catering and music production

shirt: thrifted
jacket: Ezekiel
pants: H&M
socks: army surplus store
Dr. Martin boots: thrifted
earrings: from Grandmother
coyote claw necklace: thrifted
bag: H&M

Zach on SE 26th

I like comfortable pieces. I like things that are tailored. I like things that are older, but look like they've withstood the test of time. Good quality pieces.
- Zach, sandwich maker

hat: Vans
shirt: thrifted
sweater: thrifted
jeans: stolen from wife
shoes: Sperry
ring: gift from wife
free bike: Gitane

Elisabeth on NE Failing St

I'm inspired by 60's mod. I'm attempting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.
Elisabeth, publishing student

shirt: thrifted
jacket: thrifted
jeans: thrifted
shoes: thrifted
bag: thrifted
mint tea: Fresh Pot

Patrick on N Mississippi

I support local designers. I like well crafted items.

shirt: Naked and Famous
jacket: Pre Loved
jeans: Naked and Famous
shoes: Frye
wedding ring: gift from wife

Aly on SE MLK

I find most of my clothes for free. For the clothes I purchase I'm very selective, they must be well made and last a long time. 
- Aly, amateur herper

dress: found in dumpster
tights: LL Bean
boots: Frye
necklace: thrifted
ring: ex engagement ring
earrings: gift from friend 10 years ago

Erica at Peninsula Park

I am inspired by French women, get a good haircut, minimal makeup, keep it chic yet easy.
-Erica, barista

Gap shirt: thrifted
sweater: Element
jacket: Big Chill
skirt: thrifted
tights: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Nine West
necklace: Elyse Bunkers
ring: Redux boutique

Shelby on SE 7th

I wear clothes that are comfortable and can transition from looking for work to going out.
- Shelby, scuba diver reef guide & barista

tank: Forever 21
sweater: H&M
scarf: acquired
pants: H&M
belt: H&M
shoes: thrifted
sunglasses: friend's grandma's
bag: LeSportsac
black coffee: Parkers
nailpolish: OPI

Anna on N Knott

I wear basic comfortable pieces in clean and neutral tones.
- Anna, designer of Ak Vintage and IM:MORTAL

tank: American Apparel
blazer: Silence and Noise
jeans: Denim Birds
shoes: One of 2
ring: antique from great aunt
bag: thrifed from Rad Summer

Amanda on N Missippi

I like to buy local, well made pieces. I like simplicity and good details.

dress: vintage, then tailored
jacket: Wednesday
tights: American Apparel 
shoes: Tsubo
glasses: Bevel
bag: Entermodal
wedding ring: 40's vintage, gift from husband
ring: from great aunt
Little t baguette: from Pastaworks

Adam on NW 24th

Street meets neat.
- Adam Andreas, menswear designer

collard shirt: Mossimo
grey shirt: thrifted
tie: Adam Andreas
cardigan: Gap v neck cut up the middle by Adam
jacket: Lacoste thrifted
jeans: Zara
shoes: Puma
glasses: Zenni Optical

Francis on NW 24th

 - Francis, store manager at Ellington Handbags

tank: James Perse
blouse: vintage
skirt: from Mink boutique
shoes: Faryl Robin
clutch: Ellington Handbags
earrings: Sahlia
necklace: Sahlia
bracelet: grandfather's
watch: Emporio Armani, gift from boyfriend
rings: from Gypsy Chic boutique
toenail polish: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Emily on NE Mallory

The goal is to dress for yourself, but not ever be embarassed to leave the house and never try too hard.
-Emily, designer & owner of Filly Designs

jumpsuit: Filly Designs, fall 2010 collection
top: gift from friend
boots: thrifted
earrings: thrifted
dog: Chocolate Lab named Bello

Helen on NE Couch St

My style is basically whatever I'm feeling that morning. It needs to be comfortable because I work with kids a lot.
-Helen, student of Library Science & Nanny

top: Splendid
skirt: Anthropologie
shoes: Old Navy
necklace: from Noun
ring: from a craft fair in Wyoming

Lacey on NE 28th St

What can I wear to look cute and play with my son at the park?
-Lacey, stay at home mom to Ben 18 months

white tank: Old Navy
blouse: Tucker for Target
cardigan: Gap
jeans: Gap
shoes: Naturalizer 
belt: JCrew
necklace: Forever 21
Bulova watch: gift from husband
gold ring: James Avery
wedding ring: gift from husband
other ring: gift for herself

Hisaka on SW 10th

Hisaka, student from Japan

shirt: Uniqlo
shirt: Forever 21
shorts: ATF
scarf: Old Navy
bag: Forever 21
boots: Timberland

Suzy on N Mississippi

I make most of my clothes. I like to have seven dresses and alternate them everyday. I appreciate well crafted pieces.
-Suzy, biology student

dress: made by Suzy from fabric her family bought in the 70's
shoes: Dansko
glasses: Shuron

Malorie on NE Failing St

I have a classic style accented with vintage and current trends.
-Malorie, wife and mother

dress: thrifted
shoes: thrifted
ring: gift from husband
glasses: Salt
earrings: gift from a friend in the 4th grade
baby Theo: made by Malorie

Cristina on SW Stark

I like unique and comfy clothes. I buy things that make me smile.
-Cristina, Spanish teacher at PSU 

top: Ella Moss
dress: H&M
over the knee socks: Anthropologie
shoes: Biviel
scarf: thrifted
necklace: Cult of Tara
amazing bag: Hard Graft 

Emily on SE Couch

I like to dress fashion forward and comfortable, but if I had to choose fashion wins. A girls gotta look good.
-Emily, wardrobe stylist

dress: Tucker for Target
tights: Fred Meyer
shoes: Steve Madden
necklace: from Tilt
watch: Michael Kors
earrings: Nordstrom
bag: UE 
branch: Tree