Shelby on SE 7th

I wear clothes that are comfortable and can transition from looking for work to going out.
- Shelby, scuba diver reef guide & barista

tank: Forever 21
sweater: H&M
scarf: acquired
pants: H&M
belt: H&M
shoes: thrifted
sunglasses: friend's grandma's
bag: LeSportsac
black coffee: Parkers
nailpolish: OPI


  1. CUTE! there we go! that's what i like to see Portland

  2. I love this... so simple and relaxed yet so pulled together... might have to try this one!

  3. Definitely a Portland style, polished and laid back. Very cute.

  4. Katey: Agreed!

    modest typewriter vintage: Oh I know! I'm really thinking about getting those pants. Shelby said they come in black and she was thinking of getting two more pairs they were that great.

    Erin: :)

    Caroline: Me too

    Hillary: I would love to see more of this type of style... where are you hanging out?

  5. My hubs and I are coming to PDX at the end of the month. How about we set up an accidental street meeting, haha. I'm obsessed with the scarf and pants! So cute.

  6. I really love your portraits! What a beautiful face. I love both of these shots and agree that her ensemble is simple and stylish.

  7. Ravyn: Although I'd love to meet you I'm so swamped right now with my real job. Enjoy your visit! Portland is so pretty right now, I hope the weather holds out for you.

    Alice Olive: You're so sweet! I still firmly believe everyone is beautiful. I'm loving this outfit too. I really might have to buy those pants!