Amanda on N Missippi

I like to buy local, well made pieces. I like simplicity and good details.

dress: vintage, then tailored
jacket: Wednesday
tights: American Apparel 
shoes: Tsubo
glasses: Bevel
bag: Entermodal
wedding ring: 40's vintage, gift from husband
ring: from great aunt
Little t baguette: from Pastaworks


  1. those tights with those shoes are perfect for fall!

  2. Yay for tights!! I really like her dress. I feel like you could style it in a lot of cute ways. Also.. the baguette is the perfect touch :)

  3. I think the fact that she's holding a baguette really does it for me :D Adorable outfit!

  4. Lulu: They are. Dresses, tights, and shoes, and jackets, and... I love fall. I wish you could see the whole shoe in this image. It's got a bit of a heel

    Erin m.: The dress was very nice in person. It really made me think about taking some of my dresses and vintage coats into a good tailor.

    Chaucee: A baguette is the perfect accessory for any season. That or a kitten.

  5. I love the tights! My hubs and I are visiting Portland in late October ... maybe I'll run into you on the NW side :o)

  6. Yes for buying local!

  7. ravyn: Wonderful! I'm excited for you to come see Portland. I love it here. You must come see the East Side too. I love Mississippi and N Williams (that's my neighborhood) Alberta Street, and Upper Burnside. I can think of a lot more places on the Eastside but I won't overwhelm you here. Maybe buy an eat/shop guide. They're really good. If you see me please say hello!! I would love to meet you.

    Suzi: Absolutely! Yes for buying local. You must be crazy busy right now getting ready for the fashion show. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I was just looking at your photos with my roommate Laila who modeled for your new collection. Beautiful work! I want a cozy cardigan. :)

    ( Suzi is a wonderful designer who owns the amazing shop Souchi on NW 23rd. )

  8. LOVE the dress. She is adorable!

  9. Super color combo and overall look.

  10. Just noticed that my muse, Amanda, is here! Isn't she lovely!