Erica at Peninsula Park

I am inspired by French women, get a good haircut, minimal makeup, keep it chic yet easy.
-Erica, barista

Gap shirt: thrifted
sweater: Element
jacket: Big Chill
skirt: thrifted
tights: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Nine West
necklace: Elyse Bunkers
ring: Redux boutique


  1. love her philosophy. this shot is so great. looks like it could be at a parisian park!

  2. beautiful! i just discovered peninsula park this past summer

  3. Chelsea: Me too. Erica is a darling. She does look like she could be in Paris.

    Lisa: It's such a charming quiet park. I used to walk my dog there for our daily walk. It's beautiful in the summertime. Excited to meet you at Little Winter.

  4. Pretty! I love all the textures that she has going on.

  5. I met Erica a few weeks ago and she seemed so warm and sweet and genuine. Your portrait caught all of that. So beautiful and serene!

  6. These are great pictures, love how natural they are. Outfit is really cute too x

  7. really stunning as always

  8. these shots was to erica much

  9. Just found your blog - love it. Following you:)

  10. Jen: For sure. I'm really loving the cozy sweater and the velvety skirt. Too bad the tights aren't clear, because they are awesome.

    Sweet Ronit: Thank you! Erica is so sweet, a very gentle person. I'm happy to know her.

    Stefany: Thanks! I agree about the outfit.

    iamronel: :) Aww.

    ronelmarin: Erica is fabulous

    Nadine2point0: Oh, very cool! I'm so happy to meet you.

  11. Love this girl, love these pics! (and this photographer--miss you, lady.)

  12. Beautiful look and idea behind it.

  13. I always enjoy your blog, and just adore this entry. What a gorgeous photo and woman - you have an excellent eye. Cheers!

    Meg in Flagstaff Arizona x