Anna on N Knott

I wear basic comfortable pieces in clean and neutral tones.
- Anna, designer of Ak Vintage and IM:MORTAL

tank: American Apparel
blazer: Silence and Noise
jeans: Denim Birds
shoes: One of 2
ring: antique from great aunt
bag: thrifed from Rad Summer


  1. Really nice work, as always!

    P.S. My new Austin street style blog was inspired by your blog. Just had to let you know.

  2. "comfortable pieces in clean and neutral tones"- speaking my language

    Anna is very lovely, and her jewelry line is a favorite of mine.

  3. love it.
    the simplicity is great.

  4. What a beautiful portrait. The light is perfect and you've captured a great expression.

  5. I LOVE Anna! She's so adorable! Effortless chic.

  6. Lovely! She designed one of my very favorite necklaces "Arrows in a Quiver" that I bought at Frances May. Plus, those shoes are cute!

  7. yeah!! I'm a huge fan of Anna! I wear a necklace I bought from her at a craft fair years ago pretty much EVERY day!