Lacey on NE 28th St

What can I wear to look cute and play with my son at the park?
-Lacey, stay at home mom to Ben 18 months

white tank: Old Navy
blouse: Tucker for Target
cardigan: Gap
jeans: Gap
shoes: Naturalizer 
belt: JCrew
necklace: Forever 21
Bulova watch: gift from husband
gold ring: James Avery
wedding ring: gift from husband
other ring: gift for herself


  1. what a cute mommy! i can only hope to maintain such stylishness while chasing a little one :).

    and i love her top! the tucker for target line is SO cute - just ordered one of the dresses today!

  2. Lauren: Lacey is super cute, and she's a complete sweetheart too! Tucker for Target is the best Target featured designer yet.

  3. This is a perfect 'play with my son' shirt because the fabric is so interesting. One Hot Mama!

    Lauren & Lisa : Oh gosh, Tucker for Target takes the cake. The materials have made all the difference.

  4. Sam: She's gorgeous!

    It's true, the designs for Target have been nice, but the fabrics have made all the past collections unwearable. The Tucker collection has been great!

  5. Aw.. I love cute moms! She's darling!