Francis on NW 24th

 - Francis, store manager at Ellington Handbags

tank: James Perse
blouse: vintage
skirt: from Mink boutique
shoes: Faryl Robin
clutch: Ellington Handbags
earrings: Sahlia
necklace: Sahlia
bracelet: grandfather's
watch: Emporio Armani, gift from boyfriend
rings: from Gypsy Chic boutique
toenail polish: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark


  1. lovely picture of you, Francis! great to see you on Urban Weeds :)

  2. Wish I could wear a pencil skirt like this! love it!

  3. Fran is looking cute, as usual:)
    Ask to see you Missoni collection. Beyond impressive!

  4. Look how cute and comfortable she is! This is my favorite post in a few weeks. Some people look like the clothes are wearing them or that they're trying too hard, but I love what she's wearing and how much vivaciousness she's exuding.

  5. Amy: Hi!

    Alyson: She is! Have you been in the shop? It's just off NW 23rd. It's nice. I love my bag from there.

    SweetMelissa: I think everyone looks fabulous in a pencil skirt. You should incorporate it into your wardrobe.

    Mink Boutique: I need to come in and shop. You guys have some wonderful things.

    Brittany: I'm so happy you like the post! She is certainly adorable and her energy is beautifully contagious.

    I will have to politely disagree with the second part of your comment. I feel that most people don't try hard enough with their wardrobe! My 'weeds' do not look like they're trying too hard, nor do they look like the clothes are wearing them. They look like they've actually taken the time to thoughtfully select an interesting wardrobe that represents them and I applaud them for that. I do fully respect your opinion and thank you for sharing it with us! I love a good discussion.


  6. my word is she beautiful. I love her little shrug.

  7. Emily: I agree. She's really a beautiful girl. It was hard to choose which one was best since every photo of hers came out gorgeous. If you haven't been in Ellington, go! Meet her. She's a delight.

  8. gotta say- I just bought an Ellington bag a few weeks back and I LUV it!

    Lisa- you have such a gift for capturing people's beauty! gorgeous shot!


  9. Kate: They are great. I love my Ellington bag. And you are so sweet! Thanks for the compliment.

  10. OK, so I absolutely need her pencil skirt! Is there any way we can get the name of the company who made it? I'm super far away from PDX :-(

  11. Kat: Contact Mink Boutique, that's where she bought it. They might be able to help you! They also commented on this post. Good luck!

  12. That skirt and her smile are killer!