Todd at St Johns bridge

I like super comfortable and affordable clothes. I dress stylish, sexy, a little European, I always wear at least one piece that's gray. You don't have to dress up to look good.
- Todd, national retail manager for Kalkhoff e-bikes

jacket: Adidas sample, free, saved from the shredder
shirt: Sasa Graphics
pants: Nau, the old Nau for $5
shoes: Adidas, free from Adidas headquarters in Germany
belt: Branie
glasses: Lindberg
e-bike: Kalkhoff


  1. Great Stuff. And sporting the bike...

  2. Love the hair and well, everything else too! LOL, just teasin ... Great shot, great local ... Always love these ... so many people have such a great sense of style and self :)

  3. Little Bay Root: Thanks!

    Layers and Layers: Todd has some great style. He was so much fun to photograph. It was nice to get something a little sportier then I normally do.

    Dottie: Can't go wrong with a nice bike. Did you check out the website for them? They're pretty rad. An excellent choice for a commuter bike.