Elisabeth on NE Failing St

I'm inspired by 60's mod. I'm attempting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.
Elisabeth, publishing student

shirt: thrifted
jacket: thrifted
jeans: thrifted
shoes: thrifted
bag: thrifted
mint tea: Fresh Pot


  1. that bag is so pretty! too bad it's thrifted and i can't just go out and find one for myself :). great style!

  2. I want to incorporate her HAIR color into my life! Gorgeous.

  3. I love the fact that this look is completely thrifted...very cool!

  4. Yay - Lisa's back!

    I'm drawn to 60's mod too, so I love her look. Her tee is so cute and that bag! The composition is so pretty in the second photo and that particular moment is so very sweet.

  5. Lauren: I bet you could find a different awesome bag thrifted.

    Chelsea: Why not? Really. Why not? Hair grows back. Might as well play.

    Trina: I know! It's pretty impressive.

    Sweet Ronit: Yay! I'm back. Man work has been so busy. I'm really happy to be posting on Urban Weeds again... and that my readers are so awesome!

    Anon: agree!

    Kristin: She has some great layers. I like it too. I keep my hair in a very similar cut.


  6. Left on my site a link to this post. I think many people will be interested in it!!!