Nina on NE Couch

I just try to be as comfortable as possible. I live easy, I just put it on and go.
-Nina, catering and music production

shirt: thrifted
jacket: Ezekiel
pants: H&M
socks: army surplus store
Dr. Martin boots: thrifted
earrings: from Grandmother
coyote claw necklace: thrifted
bag: H&M


  1. so cute!! am seeing dr. martins everywhere now and i gotta say i like it. these are especially fabulous. i love the 90's!!

  2. Cute! Love her surplus socks.

  3. Chelsea: I know right? Those are especially good Dr Martins. I actually don't like a lot of their shoes, but some are so spot on perfect. These were great.

    Rhai and Coi: I love the boots too. I'm so happy you commented, I'd be even happier if you didn't have 3 links to Siamesesky. If you would like to sponsor the blog, email me and I'll be happy to send you some rates. Otherwise you can link to your blog through your name.

    Jen: I'm so intrigued. I think I might have to go to army surplus very soon. Those socks are fantastic.

  4. I looove the cozy socks. They have similar ones at American Eagle though I don't think they are quite as tall as Nina's:

  5. so great!

    And wow, wow, wow! I just *finally* checked out your portfolio website. Your photography is so lovely!

  6. Hey that's my cousin! Hi from New York Nina!

  7. Love the portrait - her hair is simply fabulous!

  8. Melissa: Sweet

    Heidi: Yaay. Thanks. I'm really excited about my website. I think it came out super pretty.

    Yossy: NO WAY! That's so cool. Nina was a doll.

    Alice: Some people look amazing with short hair. Nina is certainly one of those girls. It's perfect on her.


  9. i sense an army surplus shopping date in my future for some cute socks like those! let's go :).

  10. Lauren- I know! We should go together. An Urban Weeds field trip.

  11. Nina, you are always lookin' oh so fab! Cool blog Urban Weeds

  12. Love the Docs!!

  13. Her whole outfit is awesome! Great showcase for those lace-up boots, especially with the striped socks. I'm so glad this style of boot is popular again. Reminds me of my 1990s college days! :o)

  14. totally loove the look