Aly on SE MLK

I find most of my clothes for free. For the clothes I purchase I'm very selective, they must be well made and last a long time. 
- Aly, amateur herper

dress: found in dumpster
tights: LL Bean
boots: Frye
necklace: thrifted
ring: ex engagement ring
earrings: gift from friend 10 years ago


  1. who would throw such a pretty dress away? or at least not donate it? Sad.

    P.S. Whats a herper?

  2. Happy to see a pretty dumpster dress recycled. :)

  3. oh i recognize her from my hometown in florida..small world!

  4. amazing finds.
    i love tat she is wearing her ex-engagement ring
    she is strong

  5. A herper is someone who engages in the act of searching out and attempting to catch herpetofauna: amphibians and reptiles.

  6. Marie-BretagneOctober 17, 2010

    A herper is one who wanders through swamps and such in search of bugs and reptiles

  7. A Herper is one who "go collecting" for reptiles, snakes, amphibians, moths, insects, frogs, and all things that go bump in the night. Very popular in the swamps and backwoods surrounding Gainesville, Florida.

  8. Ah, how UW brightens my day when I visit to find a new post...

    Love the backdrop you happened upon here

  9. oh I love this blog! Really nice : )

  10. Aly is my barista at Coava!

  11. This little lovely was just in my Hair Chair last week! What a doll she was!... And is! I love snooping around this site and seeing all of the familiar portland darlings.