Rachel on SE Ladd Portland Oregon

I like nice details and fabrics, I collect 40's and 50's clothing.
Rachel Denny, sculptor

dress: vintage 40's
shoes: vintage 40's
cardigan: vintage 50's
bag: Morelle

Andi on NE Alberta Portland Oregon

I like to mix textures, heavy with light fabrics, soft with hard. My base for my outfit is usually denim.
Andi, Editorial Director of Bitch Magazine

scarf: mother's
jacket: Mossimo
sweater: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
necklace: All Saints
skirt: Stuart & Brown
boots: thrifted
bag: Liebeskind

Karen on Mississippi, Portland Oregon

I like classy, bohemian, well-made, comfortable pieces. They must fit well and work with my body.
Karen, owner of Prasad

scarf: had forever
sweater: thrifted
tank: Bark Decor
jeans: Levis thrifted
boots: Born
bag: Samsonite thrifted
jewelry: acquired during travels

Sarah at the Portland Bazaar, Portland Oregon

Fun and comfort.
Sarah, owner YO VINTAGE!

Jacket: Top Shop
Dress: Ebay
Tights: H&M
Shoes:  TBA from Solestruck
Necklaces:  AK Vintage & Kenneth Lane
Cardigan:  Paul Smith, borrowed from husband

Sahlia on SE 11th Portland Oregon

I like to invest in in well made basics then pile on the accessories to change it up.   I like contrast in a look, a little bit of edge with a little bit of femme, or to mix rustic pieces with some that are more polished.  My favorite looks are the ones that keep it breezy but  look totally put together at the same time. 
Sahlia, owner designer of Sahlia

scarf: Lizard Lounge
tank: Charles & Victoria
blazer: Talula
leggings: Luna
boots: Born
necklace: Sahlia
bracelets: Sahlia
watch: Nixon

Ashley at the Portland Bazaar

 I like to try new things every day - I like to wear the same things in different ways.  It's all about styling.
Ashley, Print Technician for Nordstrom

Hat:  Poler (bought at Portland Bazaar)
Jacket:  Laundry by Shelli Segal
Bag:  Vintage Brookly NY
Gloves:  Nordstrom
Jeans:  Mother Denim
Boots:  Cynthia Vincent

Betsy in alley Portland Oregon

My style is a fusion of tomboy and woman. I'm all about the accessories.
Betsy, jewelry designer owner Betsy & Iya

dress: Uzi
sweater: thrifted
leggings: Nordstrom
bangle: mom's
watch: Nixon
earrings: Betsy & Iya Waterfall
shoes: Kenneth Cole

Schouvi on SE 9th Portland Oregon

I love gingers and Cyndi Lauper.
Schouvi, hairstylist

jacket: Dickies
hoodie: H&M
t-shirt: band shirt
skirt: self made
boots: Frye
bandana: vintage

Jill on SW Yamhill Portland Oregon

I have this french foreign legion kind of fantasy. I like the idea of being able to run off and have an adventure at anytime, but also be the chicest person there. I like my clothing to be pared down with a big splash of style.
Jill, writer and producer

scarf: Lemlem
shirt: Michael Stars
cardigan: Vince
jeans: J Brand
shoes: Fiorentini & Baker
bag: Prada

Jenna on NE Failing Portland Oregon

I love boots, courderoy, denim, leather... I love simple cuts. I'm inspired by my mother.
Jenna, co-author Unhappy Hipsters

dress: Land's End Canvas
scarf: H&M
tights: H&M
shoes: Joes
bag: Tignanello

Molly on NE Cleveland Portland Oregon

I like to wear dresses. I invest in a few key unique pieces. I'm inspired by my mother who mixed utilitarian with bohemian to aplomb. 
Molly Jane Quinn, co-author of Unhappy Hipsters

dress: Weston Wear
belt: J. Crew
tights: Fred Meyer
shoes: Beverly Feldman
bag: Elliott Lucca
bracelets and necklace: custom made from Molly's dad's signet and class rings

Sam on SW Ankeny Portland Oregon

My rules are: 1) wear what works with my body type; shake what your mama gave you. 2) Don't over think it.
Sam, hairstylist 

sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
scarf: mom's 
sweater: mom's
jacket: thrifted
belt: thrifted
jeans: thrifted Jordache
boots: Frye
bag: Pendleton
ring: Jeanine Payer

published on Elle

David on SW Stark Portland Oregon

I like details and the history and nostalgia of men's fashion. I take pleasure in getting dressed nicely and the ritual of it. I take the time to choose pieces, I like to think of getting dressed as an art form.
David, student

hat: found on the street
jacket: Nautica
pants: American Apparel 
shirt: Calvin Klein
handkerchief: thrifted
tie: thrifted
pocket watch: yard sale
shoes: Johnson & Murphy's
bag: thrifted
tie clip: thrifted

Becca in the Park Blocks, Portland Oregon

I like simple cotton pieces and everything has to be machine washable. I wanna be a hot mama - no mom jeans here!
Becca, stay at home mom

scarf: H&M
belt: Urban Outfitters
sweater: Urban Outfitters
dress: American Apparel
purse: Target
leggings: Lululemon
boots: Frye

published on Elle

Cecilia on SW 5th Portland Oregon

My style aims to be a balance of opposites, but always feminine. I try to add an element that is edgy or eclectic to pair with something expected or every day. Oh, and it has to all look right with my hair. 
Cecilia, design manager at Big Giant

sweater: Lumière
coat: J. Crew
heels: Circa Joan & David
necklace: Sahlia Jewelry
rings: Thrifted
earrings: Nordstrom Rack
bracelet: vintage, gift from best friend
bag: Property Of

published on Elle

Michael on NW 3rd Portland Oregon

My style is wabi sabi.
Michael, marketing and buyer for Tanner Goods and Woodlands

shirt: 45 RPM
shirt: Gitman Vintage
shorts: Wings + Horns
shoes: Quoddy
sunglasses: fake Wayfarers 

Lindsey on NW 10th Portland Oregon

I love to mix patterns and textures. I always look for something that can be used in multiple ways.
Lindsey, hair stylist at Amore

dress: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
stockings: H&M
shoes: gift
belt: thrifted
necklace: gift
lipstick: Aveda

published on Elle

Alex in the Park Blocks Portland Oregon

My style is classic and girly; my grandma always approves of what I'm wearing.
Alex, design student

top: Betsey Johnson
skirt: J. Crew
shoes: Aerosoles
glasses: Versus
bag: Coach

published on Elle

Annie on Mississippi St. Portland Oregon

I wear a lot of thrifted pieces I like to be comfortable and then add a bit of pizazz.
Annie, Americorps Vista

cardigan: Annie's Catholic High School uniform
shirt: gift 
pin: grandmother's
jeans: naked lady party
belt: thrifted
ring: naked lady party
boots: LL Bean
socks: Target

Corbin in the Park Blocks Portland Oregon

I like to have interesting pieces, that I can layer together. I never want to be so set in a style that I can't play and wear what I want.
Corbin graphic design student at Portland State

croptop: Aritzia
hoodie: Free People
blazer: Free People
jeans: American Apparel
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
necklace: made by Corbin
bracelets: gifts from friends
backpack: hand me down

published on Elle

Allison on SW 5th Portland Oregon

My style is whimsical, my dress is inspired by the projects I'm working on.
Allison, graphic design student at Portland State

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tights: Merona
shoes: Jessica Simpson
backpack: Fjallraven Kanken
lipstick: Nix Femme

published on Elle.com

Patrick on SW Stark Portland Oregon

I'm really drawn to vintage. It's just a free-for-all. I'm always varying between different styles, but like classic with a modern twist.
Patrick barista & student

glasses: vintage
blazer: vintage
shirt: H&M
tie: thrifted
vest: Forever 21
jeans: Levis
shoes: Sperry Topsider

Katie on NW Everett Portland Oregon

Don't pay full price, be creative, take your time, and dress nice. I try to dress sunny.
Katie, executive assistant at W+K

dress: Matix
button-up: Paperboy
scarf: World Market
jeans: Joe's Jeans
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
bracelets: PacSun
rings: from Hawaii
necklace: thrifted

shot for Elle

Khathy at Pioneer Square

I like playing with obscure silhouettes. I like a challenge in the morning - picking one item and then building my outfit around it. I like unconventional pieces, even if it's difficult to work into my wardrobe.
Khathy, works at Marios 

jacket: Built by Wendy
top: Givenchy
skirt: J. Crew
tights: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony
booties: LD Tuttle
bag: Alexander Wang
necklace: from Vietnam

Brent on SW 9th Portland Oregon

I'm particularly inspired by Florence. I people watch while I'm there then translate that to Portland.
Brent Collier, designer

sunglasses: Persol
t-shirt: Roland Garros
jacket: Collier Italian Edition
jeans: Avva
shoes: Superga
hat: Moncler