Jill on SW Yamhill Portland Oregon

I have this french foreign legion kind of fantasy. I like the idea of being able to run off and have an adventure at anytime, but also be the chicest person there. I like my clothing to be pared down with a big splash of style.
Jill, writer and producer

scarf: Lemlem
shirt: Michael Stars
cardigan: Vince
jeans: J Brand
shoes: Fiorentini & Baker
bag: Prada


  1. i love this woman's fashion notion!

  2. love all her stripes! also great hair and kudos on the length of pants + height of boots.

  3. I like her outfit. Great mix of stripes.

  4. aw I know, Jill! She's definitely one stylish woman! Loving here stripes and the ankle boots with the cropped pants!

  5. I love her style! It's so chic and timeless.

  6. So many different style stripes and it works together so well! And Jill has gorgeous hair

    It looks much less wintery down there then it has been up here in the last couple weeks. Lucky ducks.

  7. Jill is the most fabulous person I know!