Karen on Mississippi, Portland Oregon

I like classy, bohemian, well-made, comfortable pieces. They must fit well and work with my body.
Karen, owner of Prasad

scarf: had forever
sweater: thrifted
tank: Bark Decor
jeans: Levis thrifted
boots: Born
bag: Samsonite thrifted
jewelry: acquired during travels


  1. Her sweater is simply amazing. In love!

  2. LOVE that yellow bag and she has the sweetest smile!

  3. Is this seriously as good as it gets in Oregon? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this lady's outfit. its fine. Even maybe better then average by as bare a smidge as possible. She is not dressed well however, not by any yardstick. But in what way is her outfit inspiring? I don't understand the purpose of this blog? Just to randomly show what some people went out in on a given day?