Betsy in alley Portland Oregon

My style is a fusion of tomboy and woman. I'm all about the accessories.
Betsy, jewelry designer owner Betsy & Iya

dress: Uzi
sweater: thrifted
leggings: Nordstrom
bangle: mom's
watch: Nixon
earrings: Betsy & Iya Waterfall
shoes: Kenneth Cole


  1. gorgeous*! & love the 'thrifted' top.. treasure.

  2. Oh hey! Its Betsey! I totally just met her at a party the other night. Lovely girl.

  3. I met her too! She was at the renegade craft fair in SF and I found myself overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of her jewelry (it's even more lovely than the photographs on her website). I ended up buying the necklace she was wearing and some earrings too. Then I go home and catch up on my google reader and see her on portland weeds! Too funny! Anyway, visit her store: everything is classic but edgy & clean & fantastic.