Rachel on SE Ladd Portland Oregon

I like nice details and fabrics, I collect 40's and 50's clothing.
Rachel Denny, sculptor

dress: vintage 40's
shoes: vintage 40's
cardigan: vintage 50's
bag: Morelle


  1. beautiful. i bet she has some amazing dresses!

  2. A little dowdy, but interesting. If she shortened the dress an inch, so it hit right at the knee, and switched to more sheer tights it might even be pretty. I like the bare face with n make up, her skin is nice. But she is dressing for twice her age.

  3. Love this! Rachel's sculptures are inspired. I featured her work on my blog a while back. http://artsyforager.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/these-bucks-are-buck/

  4. I discovered your blog through Kirsten (Food is a love story) and I adore it. Your photos are beautiful, and your subjects are so interesting. I love that you photograph real people with real bodies and real styles. It all seems so authentic and wonderful. Thank you! And I'm so glad to have discovered your lovely site.