Khathy at Pioneer Square

I like playing with obscure silhouettes. I like a challenge in the morning - picking one item and then building my outfit around it. I like unconventional pieces, even if it's difficult to work into my wardrobe.
Khathy, works at Marios 

jacket: Built by Wendy
top: Givenchy
skirt: J. Crew
tights: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony
booties: LD Tuttle
bag: Alexander Wang
necklace: from Vietnam


  1. Lovely. (Those tights are amazing.)

  2. I second Victoria's comment about those Rodarte tights! They compliment that cute skirt so well. As I opened up the page and saw you in your outfit, I shouted, Oh, Cool! Everything about you says On the Move - Full Charge Ahead.

  3. Cool tights!

    The Styleseer