David on SW Stark Portland Oregon

I like details and the history and nostalgia of men's fashion. I take pleasure in getting dressed nicely and the ritual of it. I take the time to choose pieces, I like to think of getting dressed as an art form.
David, student

hat: found on the street
jacket: Nautica
pants: American Apparel 
shirt: Calvin Klein
handkerchief: thrifted
tie: thrifted
pocket watch: yard sale
shoes: Johnson & Murphy's
bag: thrifted
tie clip: thrifted


  1. that thrifted bag is awesome!

  2. Love his style. It takes talent to pull together a great look from so many thrifted (and found!)pieces.

    The Styleseer

  3. Menswear done well. And a pocket watch? Love it.


  4. How did he just find that hat on the street?

    Anyway, he looks great, I love the details (like the pocket watch).

  5. I love that people like him exist

  6. He probably found the hat in one of Portland's notorious free-boxes. There's always tons of clothes on curbsides!

  7. You can tell he really enjoys getting dressed. I love seeing that in men. What beautiful style

  8. Such beautiful photos! You're such a talented photographer, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your gift!

    I'm sorry we didn't get much of a chance to formally meet today at the blogger meet up. I was going to do photos with you but there was such a long line of ladies ahead of me that I had to run before my turn. But I hope you got some good photos (I'm sure you did!) I'm looking forward to following your blog more closely now and hopefully we'll meet again soon! :)

  9. One of my favorites! So classy.