James on NE 22nd Ave

I'm a watcher of life in it's entirety and I feel inspired by the things I see. The curve of a smile, the colors in nature, or beautiful dancing eyes.

I dress to make people smile.

-James, imbibing eye

tunic: filly designs
tights: sock dreams
shoes: Timberland from Lizard Lounge
bag: from Oaxaca
ring: topaz, from a Oaxacan designer
earrings: from past loves

Sarah on E Burnside

My style is quirky, disheveled, feminine, tomboy.

-Sarah, wardrobe and prop stylist

dress: from the bins
sweater: from Caitlin Gable Rummage sale
boots: Codico
belt: Brooks Brothers from the Goodwil
tights: Hue from Marshalls
earrings: Heike Grebenstein
rings: Me & Ro
wedding ring: my mom's

Alyson on NW 9th Ave

I collect classic pieces that will stay in my closet for a long time to come.

-Alyson, Unruly Things blogger, graphic artist, and letterpress printer for Postal Press

shirt: Anthropologie
skirt: from Greatest Friend on etsy
sweater: Gap
boots: Frye
tights: MP
scarf: knitted by grandma
belt: goodwill
necklace: Hazel Cox

Shop Owner: Sarah of Lille Boutique

I love the sense of unlimited possibility in beautiful garments. When I'm well dressed I feel ready for anything.

-Sarah, owner of Lille Boutique

top: Catherine Malandrino
skirt: Lyell
bodysuit: Eres
shoes: from Halo
stockings: from Lille, hand dyed vintage silk
necklace: from Gilt on 23rd
watch: vintage
ring: vintage
pearls: Mikimoto, from husband

Designer: Precious Bugarin

Construction is very important to me. As a child my mom made all my clothing and I really saw the work and beauty behind a garment.

-Precious, graphic designer

top: Katayone Adeli
jeans: Rugby
boots: found for $5
necklace: made by my husband

Kjell at Irving Park

I love people watching and drawing inspiration from different places, lately I've been getting into the American style.

-Kjell, co-owner of Plywerk

shirt: vintage from Amsterdam
jeans: Express
jacket: Sameunderneath
shoes: Converse
hat: made by wife
belt: Held Vegan Belts, from the Saturday market

Kim at Irving Park

What I wear depends on my mood. I love colors and always like to have on a little something that pops.

-Kim, photographer and co-owner of Plywerk

dress: Dagg and Stacey from Phlox
shoes: Goodwill
tights: from Sofia
bracelet: Cyclical Design, from the Saturday market
earrings: Yed Omi Jewelry

Designer: Julia of Dust

I'm drawn to pieces that are one of a kind and handmade, with unfinished aspects, but still simple and timeless.

-Julia Blackburn, designer of Dust

dress: from New York
slip: from the bins
jacket: Sonia Rykiel
boots: from Moule
bracelet: from sword + fern

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Designer: Dawn Sharp

I like my clothes to tell a story. I often draw inspiration from vintage items, like this jacket which was influenced by a 1918 pattern.

-Dawn, designer of Dawn Sharp

top: Dawn Sharp
jeans: Dawn Sharp
boots: vintage from Rad Summer

Designer: Liza Rietz

I like to mix contrasting textures and play with layering, volume, and shape.

-Liza, designer of Liza Rietz

sweater: Anthropologie
dress: from Buffalo Exchange
jumper: gift
boots: from Johnny Sole
necklace: was Mom's
bracelet: made from a recycled can

Brittany on NW Savier St

I like to wear items that are comfortable, vintage, and have a conservative feel.

-Brittany, apparel designer

dress: forever 21
boots: vintage on eBay
tights: Red Light
bracelet: Tiffany
jewelry: from my husband

Jennifer on SW Washington St.

I like graphic patterns and bold prints on well-structured beautiful pieces.

-Jennifer, communication consultant

top: Club Monaco
jeans: Joe's
boots: from a boutique in D.C.
bag: from Argentina
ring: seeds caste in gold, made in Maryland
earrings: from an Eastern market in D.C.

Friday Portrait

Happy Friday!

A few new things on Urban Weeds...

Friday will officially be the home of the portrait. We'll be taking the weekends off!

Also, the week of Thanksgiving in a slow one in blog world, but a busy one in life, so enjoy! We will be doing the same and taking the week off. Urban Weeds will resume on Monday 11/30 with the new schedule.

Have a lovely weekend!

Christy on SE Ankeny St.

I'm inspired by people I see all over Portland.

-Christy, graphic designer

shirt: J.Crew
jeans: from Buffalo Exchange
jacket: Club Monaco
shoes: Sperry
scarf: Target
bracelets: mementos from Cannon Beach and Crater Lake
ring: my grandpa's
earrings: from Sister's, Oregon

Shop Owner: Alison of Frank James

I like pieces that are made for everyday. Affordable, versatile, and quality.

-Alison, owner of Frank James

romper: Reif
jacket: from rock n' rose
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
tights: from Left Right Left in Bellingham
glasses: Ray Ban
bracelets: random and found objects
watch: Casio

Designer: Lindsey Reif

I'm very inspired by Berlin street style. I like minimalism and neutrals with a sense of timelessness.

-Lindsey, designer of Reif

shirt: Reif
skirt: Urban Outfitters
jacket: vintage
shoes: thrifted in Tigard
bag: vintage
belt: thrifted
ring: Ornamental Things
Earrings: Emily Baker

Cassandra on SE Water Ave

I think balance is the most important part of an outfit, its like a painting, all the elements coming together to create a whole.

-Cassandra, server, artist, and event planner

jumper: Buffalo Exchange
shirt: Nordstrom
shoes: Mother's from the 80's
tights: Nordstrom
bag: Vintage Coach
glasses: from Hollywood Vintage

Shop Owner: Gina of Radish Underground

I'm inspired by a mixture of classic and modern. I love the Mad Men trend!

-Gina, co-owner of Radish Underground

top: Gigi by UNA
jeans: yoga jeans by Second Clothing
shoes: Chucks
necklace: Elyse Bunkers sterling with vintage rhinestones
bandana: thrifted

Shop Owner: Celestial of Radish Underground

I'm inspired by local designers and the materials that Portlanders use. I especially love reclaimed fabrics.

-Celestial, Co-Owner of Radish Underground

dress: Aster Park (Celestial's line)
top: Omgirl
jacket: raw earth wild sky
boots: El Naturalista, from Spain
necklace: birthday gift
earrings: Maple XO, made from a recycled skate board

Desirée on SE Clinton St.

My look is ultra feminine with modern, sleek accessories.

-Desirée, sole proprietress of Maiden Rapture Vintage

dress: 90's Contempo Casual
jacket: Edwardian, thrifted
shoes: from New York
bag: 80's Chanel
gloves: 60's, thrifted
tights: Nordstrom
watch: 60's, thrifted

Noni on SE 28th Ave

I'm inspired by old fashioned things, fairy tale illustrations, Nordic princesses, pretty friends, and my cats.

-Noni, esthetician

coat: Diane von Furstenberg
dress: from the bins
boots: thrifted
earrings: Emily Jane
collar: from the bins
pin: from Bombshell Vintage
bike: River City

Designer: Nate of Smith & Bybee

My style is all over the place but I am driven by what I consider to be classic.

-Nate, Co-Designer of Smith & Bybee

shirt: Vintage Pendleton
jeans: Chip & Pepper
coat: G-Star
boots: Frye
scarf: Knitted by Nate

Designer: Carly of Smith & Bybee

I have an affection for vintage, rugged clothing, with great detail, fit, and fabric.

-Carly, Co-Designer of Smith & Bybee

dress: Made by Carly
coat: Christmas present from Dad
boots: Xtratuff
scarf: estate sale
bracelet: from Pendleton Round-Up
broach: from Three Monkeys

Designer: Janeane Marie

I like the idea of clothing being the backdrop of who you are, it should be simple and classic.

-Janeane, designer of Janeane Marie

shirt: My husband's
jeans: my everyday pair
boots: Italian
scarf: Janeane Marie
ring: Shop Bop