Designer: Lindsey Reif

I'm very inspired by Berlin street style. I like minimalism and neutrals with a sense of timelessness.

-Lindsey, designer of Reif

shirt: Reif
skirt: Urban Outfitters
jacket: vintage
shoes: thrifted in Tigard
bag: vintage
belt: thrifted
ring: Ornamental Things
Earrings: Emily Baker


  1. Yeah..I think I would need good legs to pull this one off!
    Love the hair cut!
    Oh, I'm running a contest on my blog for one of my "Once Upon a Time" original watercolours...thought you may want to enter!

  2. Love girls with short hair and long earrings. Cute!

  3. Lovely, this is by far one of my most favorite images of late. Thank you for adding this beauty to your collection & loving your blog. x