James on NE 22nd Ave

I'm a watcher of life in it's entirety and I feel inspired by the things I see. The curve of a smile, the colors in nature, or beautiful dancing eyes.

I dress to make people smile.

-James, imbibing eye

tunic: filly designs
tights: sock dreams
shoes: Timberland from Lizard Lounge
bag: from Oaxaca
ring: topaz, from a Oaxacan designer
earrings: from past loves


  1. I love your portraits and they way you capture true, natural beauty. Delightful!

  2. oh, I love her tunic with the high neck!

  3. james is darling! what a spirit you were able to capture in this image. great style, and even better than that, a fantastic personality to match.

  4. I don't know if its the yellow or how much I like the shoes...but I really am smiling.

  5. This outfit is so clever. She wears this style perfectly. Those shoes... I am completely smitten

  6. LOVING her haircut!! and the shoes too.... adorable!