Designer: Liza Rietz

I like to mix contrasting textures and play with layering, volume, and shape.

-Liza, designer of Liza Rietz

sweater: Anthropologie
dress: from Buffalo Exchange
jumper: gift
boots: from Johnny Sole
necklace: was Mom's
bracelet: made from a recycled can


  1. So great! She's my favorite that you've featured in quite a while.

  2. I should have known Liza Rietz would have such great personal style

  3. I LOVE those boots, and I am inspired by the layered tights/kneehighs/over-the-knee sock - what a creative look (and extra warmth for this time of year).

  4. Man, this site always makes my heart drop a little and get homesick -- for all the greatness of Portland and all the stylish folks! Here in India, it's so freakin' hot, it's a miracle if I shluff on another tank top/skirt ensemble (i'd prefer to stay in my scrappy night gown), very much the opposite of cozy layers . . . and definitely no make up -- it just melts right off!

    Keep up the cozy looks, ladies. Love it!

  5. i think this is one of my favorites! of all time.

  6. This is really, really nice!!! I want the entire ensemble!

  7. Now those are great boots.