Schouvi on SE 9th Portland Oregon

I love gingers and Cyndi Lauper.
Schouvi, hairstylist

jacket: Dickies
hoodie: H&M
t-shirt: band shirt
skirt: self made
boots: Frye
bandana: vintage

Jill on SW Yamhill Portland Oregon

I have this french foreign legion kind of fantasy. I like the idea of being able to run off and have an adventure at anytime, but also be the chicest person there. I like my clothing to be pared down with a big splash of style.
Jill, writer and producer

scarf: Lemlem
shirt: Michael Stars
cardigan: Vince
jeans: J Brand
shoes: Fiorentini & Baker
bag: Prada

Jenna on NE Failing Portland Oregon

I love boots, courderoy, denim, leather... I love simple cuts. I'm inspired by my mother.
Jenna, co-author Unhappy Hipsters

dress: Land's End Canvas
scarf: H&M
tights: H&M
shoes: Joes
bag: Tignanello

Molly on NE Cleveland Portland Oregon

I like to wear dresses. I invest in a few key unique pieces. I'm inspired by my mother who mixed utilitarian with bohemian to aplomb. 
Molly Jane Quinn, co-author of Unhappy Hipsters

dress: Weston Wear
belt: J. Crew
tights: Fred Meyer
shoes: Beverly Feldman
bag: Elliott Lucca
bracelets and necklace: custom made from Molly's dad's signet and class rings

Sam on SW Ankeny Portland Oregon

My rules are: 1) wear what works with my body type; shake what your mama gave you. 2) Don't over think it.
Sam, hairstylist 

sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
scarf: mom's 
sweater: mom's
jacket: thrifted
belt: thrifted
jeans: thrifted Jordache
boots: Frye
bag: Pendleton
ring: Jeanine Payer

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David on SW Stark Portland Oregon

I like details and the history and nostalgia of men's fashion. I take pleasure in getting dressed nicely and the ritual of it. I take the time to choose pieces, I like to think of getting dressed as an art form.
David, student

hat: found on the street
jacket: Nautica
pants: American Apparel 
shirt: Calvin Klein
handkerchief: thrifted
tie: thrifted
pocket watch: yard sale
shoes: Johnson & Murphy's
bag: thrifted
tie clip: thrifted

Becca in the Park Blocks, Portland Oregon

I like simple cotton pieces and everything has to be machine washable. I wanna be a hot mama - no mom jeans here!
Becca, stay at home mom

scarf: H&M
belt: Urban Outfitters
sweater: Urban Outfitters
dress: American Apparel
purse: Target
leggings: Lululemon
boots: Frye

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Cecilia on SW 5th Portland Oregon

My style aims to be a balance of opposites, but always feminine. I try to add an element that is edgy or eclectic to pair with something expected or every day. Oh, and it has to all look right with my hair. 
Cecilia, design manager at Big Giant

sweater: Lumière
coat: J. Crew
heels: Circa Joan & David
necklace: Sahlia Jewelry
rings: Thrifted
earrings: Nordstrom Rack
bracelet: vintage, gift from best friend
bag: Property Of

published on Elle