Signe at Last Thursday

I like feathers, leather, and fur.

-Signe, designer

top, shorts, shoes, and belt: found on street
bag: gift
necklace: bought on Venice Beach
nose ring: from Malaysia
flower on wrist: H&M

Kaisa on Alberta St.

I like to look cute, comfortable, and put together without having to try too hard. Oh, and a bit classy and sexy too.

-Kaisa, Textile Design Student

top: Nordstrom

skirt: Forever 21
shoes: thrifted in Scappoose
bag: from swap shop
bracelets: from my mom in Hawaii
earrings: from a local boutique (can't remember name!)
necklace: a gift from my aunt

Justin at Sword + Fern

If I don't feel comfortable, I don't wear it.

-Justin, Graphic Designer

top: American Apparel
linen pants: vintage
shoes: thrifted
necklace: Sword + Fern
watch: Diesel
glasses: Ebay
belt: bought from a homeless fellow for $2
bracelet: leather cat collar (found)

Sarah at The Living Room Theater

I like to mix basics with really special pieces, like this vintage bag I found in Rome.

-Sarah, Artist/Law Firm Employee

top: Da-Nay
sweater: Zara
skirt: American Apparel
belt: Anthropologie
shoes: Dansko
glasses: vintage
bag: vintage

Rihana at Kenny and Zukes

My style is 'Ethnic BadAss' !

-Rihana, Student/Server

top + shorts: too old to remember
jacket: Guess
shoes: thrifted
bag: free from a garage sale
sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Designer: Sarai of Colette Patterns

I like to keep my closet full of clothing that is elegant but still practical.

-Sarai, Owner of Colette Patterns

dress: vintage
shoes: Dolce Vita
necklace: vintage/Etsy

Valerie on SE 35th and Division

I don't take fashion too seriously and I don't follow rules. I love big, bold and bright as well as anything that makes me laugh!

-Valerie, Vintage Seller/Accessories Designer

top: Target
belt: thrifted
pants: Sixer
shoes: Goodwill

Shop Owner: Elizabeth of Xtabay Vintage

I have a terrible time being trendy. I prefer well-made vintage clothing that is timeless and elegant.

-Elizabeth, Owner of Xtabay Vintage

dress: vintage 1950's Hawaiian sundress (from Xtabay)
shoes: Steve Madden
necklace: Xtabay
bracelets: from estate sales and her grandma

Clara on SW Alder St.

I quit wearing jeans on my 30th birthday. I want to be a lady!

-Clara, "If I believe in it, I can sell it!"/Event Planner/Artist/Non-Profit Manager

dress: Thread
shoes: Bronx
necklace: her grandmother's
bike: Motobecane

Shop Owner: Elizabeth of The English Dept.

I aim for 'polished and poised,' but my style usually turns out to be 'urchin-like dishevelement.' I'm finding peace with that.

-Elizabeth Dye, Dress Designer, and Owner of The English Dept.

top: Elizabeth Dye
skirt: a vintage tennis skirt
shoes: Dries Van Noten

Carlie on SE 3rd Ave

I want to revel in my femininity. My outfits are usually a throwback to the 1920's and 30's.
-Carlie, Seamstress/ Photography Student

top: hand-me-down from a friend
shorts: Goodwill
shoes: Goodwill bins
belt: vintage (from a friend's mom)
headband: made from a sweater tie
bike: Gitane

Jackie on NW Flanders

I love patterns and textures and usually end up basing my outfits around them.

-Jackie, Nurse's Aid

dress: thrifted
shoes: Ether
bag: BP

Mia at Summer Social

I like wearing shorts and jeans so I can climb trees.
-Mia, 9, Fourth Grader

top: Target
necklace: Mini Boden
shorts: Olive Juice
saltwater sandals: Ebay

Cori at Summer Social

Recently, I've been trying to embrace my girly side!

-Cori, Artist/Vintage Seller/Photographer

top: thrifted
skirt: from her grandmother
shoes: vintage

Jena at Summer Social

I like to mix vintage with handmade pieces.
I try to support indie designers as much as possible

-Jena, Blogger at Modish

top: LA Made
skirt: vintage
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (thrifted)
pin: Handemade Julz

Kelsey at PDX Pop Now

I don't usually wear color. I almost always wear black! - Kelsey, 17, Student at Franklin High School

tube top/dress: from a friend and cut off to fit better
tank: thrifted
shoes: Magpie Vintage

Kitty at Summer Social

I love anything vintage, whether it's from the 1920's or the 1990's. I enjoy thrifting at the Goodwill bins, where you can purchase clothes by the pound!
-Kitty, Musician/Student

dress: thrifted
shoes: Ebay

Alea at First Thursday

There are so many great thrift stores, I don't see a reason to spend a lot of money on clothes. I rarely buy anything new.

Alea, Gardener

top: thrifted
skirt: Reruns
shoes: thrifted
bike: built by a friend

Joe at Broder Restaurant

I wear denim everyday. I think I own around 50 pairs of jeans!

-Joe, Manager of Broder

top: American Apparel
shorts: Levis
shoes: Nike
Bracelet: made from fishing twine

Annie at Summer Social

I love searching through my mom's closet for vintage pieces. She holds on to everything!

-Annie, Teacher/Grad Student

romper: Mociun
scarf: "mom vintage"
shoes: Keds

Shay at Portland Farmer's Market

I used to be a fashion stylist but now that I am a mom, I shop a lot of garage sales and mix those finds with boutique purchases.

-Shay, Mom of three

top: Velvet
scarf: H & M
jeans: Seven
bag: Tucky Mama
shoes: Rerun