Joe at Broder Restaurant

I wear denim everyday. I think I own around 50 pairs of jeans!

-Joe, Manager of Broder

top: American Apparel
shorts: Levis
shoes: Nike
Bracelet: made from fishing twine


  1. These photos capture Joe's lovely personality to a "t". Beautiful work, ladies! Love what you're doing!

  2. I love Joe! He's a total sweetheart and I love his effortless style. What I really want to know is where he got those great frames. We glasses-wearers are always scoping out frames, don't forget to ask for our sake!

  3. Joe is the best, I worked with him a million years ago and he made going to work fun and didnt make me feel like the baby of the coffee shop staff that I was...and he ALWAYS has the best style...

  4. I have always admired Joe, for his style, and his cheerful attitude!

  5. I just went to Broder for the first time yesterday - so good!!!