Justin at Sword + Fern

If I don't feel comfortable, I don't wear it.

-Justin, Graphic Designer

top: American Apparel
linen pants: vintage
shoes: thrifted
necklace: Sword + Fern
watch: Diesel
glasses: Ebay
belt: bought from a homeless fellow for $2
bracelet: leather cat collar (found)


  1. i love that he bought his belt from a homeless fellow. that is just awesome. :)

  2. what IS it with men and beards? lovely, i love his style.

  3. I echo Natalie's beard comment - I can't resist a good beard. Truly. Especially when that beard has a sense of personal style. Great to see another guy featured on the blog, BTW!

  4. i love the casual but still sexy look.

  5. Hello, I came across your blog and was really enjoying all the pictures. Then I came across this picture of Justin, an old friend I knew in Seattle!! I had taken some pictures of him too as he was always very stylish. I posted the older picture of him on my blog. Check it out if you get a chance!