Tamarah on SE Division

I want to live in silk forever!

-Tamarah, Ladybird shop owner

top: thrifted
shorts: American Apparel
boots: Fiorentini + Baker
bag: thrifted
glasses: thrifted men's sunglasses frames from the 40's
necklaces: found treasures

Designer: Adam Arnold

I look at clothes as the future, made up of elements of the past.

-Adam, Designer of Adam Arnold

top: Adam Arnold
jacket: Adam Arnold
Jeans: Adam Arnold
Shoes: from a friend, Reid Elrod
tie: Nordstrom

Emma at Cartola Coffee Shop

I'm usually attracted to color. White, navy, red, and orange.

-Emma, singer + guitar player with Scout Niblett

dress: an old rice sack
shoes: thrifted
bag: bought in Portugal
necklace: handmade

Shop Owner: Emily of Sword+Fern

I like to wear stuff that is understated with one great, off the wall piece. I wear my clothes as a palette and let my accessories do most of the work.

-Emily, owner of sword+fern, landscape designer, drummer in a metal band, surfer

vest: thrifted
leggings: purchased in Brazil made by Tudi Confusi
boots: from Vintage Bombshell
necklaces: made by me
bolo tie: vintage
bracelets: all sentimental pieces collected over time
earrings: found at estate sale

Donika at New Seasons Grocery

I love to blend lots of different colors and to mix finds from the thrift store with mall purchases.

-Donika, student

sweater: Nordstrom
top: Wet Seal
leggings: Wet Seal
shoes: Old Navy
bag: purchased on a recent trip to Africa

Erin on East Burnside

I like to support friends and wear comfortable pieces too!

Erin, textile designer

tank: RVCA
vest: found at an estate sale
jeans: Joe's
shoes: Rachel Comey
necklace: AK Vintage

Joshua at the Meadow

I like to dress up. I don't think people dress up enough.

-Joshua, PNCA student

top: thrifted
jeans: Levi's
vest: thrifted
shoes: thrifted from William Temple House
bag: from the bins
tie: thrifted
sunglasses: gift

Shop Owner: Giovanna of Una

I strive to have a sense of balance and a sense of humor, with some over the top thrown in.

-Giovanna, Owner of Una

top: Complex Geometries
top underneath: Clu (I hand dyed it)
pants: Earnest Sewn
shoes: Chie Mihara
bracelets: from my childhood
watch: Swiss Army
earrings: Melissa Joy Manning
necklace: Melissa Joy Manning
rings: Bev Sokol

Lea at First Thursday

I want to be a fashion designer.

-Lea, student at Lincoln High School

top: gift
skirt: gift
boots: Zara
bag: vintage
bracelet: made by friend
ring: made by my great aunt

Kaitlin in the Pearl

I love to wear dresses. They're so versatile, flattering, and easy to wear.

-Kaitlin, freelance writer and photographer

dress: from Love Life Boutique in Brooklyn
shoes: Keds
bag: Banana Republic
lipstick: Neutrogena

Camilla in Northeast

I like to look feminine and mix the new with the old.

-Camilla, student of painting

dress: H&M
shoes: Soda
bag: H&M
watch: gift
pin: from a Portland designer
sunglasses: thrifted
earrings: Forever 21

Winnie at First Thursday

I wish I had a uniform, it would make getting dressed a lot easier!

-Winnie, color designer

dress: Sessun
boots: from a flea market in Amsterdam
bag: from mom
sunglasses: from Berlin
necklace: from mom

Matthew on NE Alberta St.

Lately I've been feeling very classic, with some inspiration coming from Thom Browne.

-Matthew, DJ and accountant

top: American Apparel
jeans: Nudie from Local 35
shoes: thrifted Lacoste
glasses: from Hollywood Vintage

Maya on NE 20th Ave

I wear everything, a new look everyday.

-Maya, waitress and creative writing student

dress: thrifted on Alberta
shoes: Buffalo Exchange
bag: Buffalo Exchange
sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
ring: from my grandmother
earrings: thrifted on Alberta

Leigh on NE Alberta St.

I'm always in costume.

-Leigh, community organizer

jumper: ebay
shirt: Rad Summer
boots: Mod Cloth
bag: Mod Cloth
belt: thrifted
tights: stolen from my sister
sunglasses: Target
necklace: found and compiled

Erin at First Thursday

I don't really fit into a particular style, I just wear what I like.

-Erin, intern at Portland Center Stage

romper: Salvation Army
moccasins: Target
bag: Goodwill
necklace: made with my mom's engagement ring from the 70's

Donovan at the Ace

I like to make my look my own, while keeping it simple and easy. I hate irons.
-Donovan, Ace employee

shirt: Levi's
pants: Levi's
shoes: Toms
tie: forever 21
suspenders: Urban Outfitters
glasses: Dolce & Gabbana
watch: Citizen
bracelet: made with ball chain
ring: old Navajo piece
plugs: stones found in Phoenix

Laura on N.W. Couch St.

I usually just grab a whole bunch of things and throw them on, but then I have to edit and take off some accessories.

-Laura, PSU student

top: thrifted leotard
skirt: Urban Outfitters
sweater: from mom
shoes: House of Vintage
glasses: thrifted
ring: moldavite
earrings: forever 21
bracelet: from sister
necklace: from Humboldt county
flowers: found on street

Erinn in front of Lizard Lounge

I tend to buy the ugliest things. I feel bad for the unwanted items and end up rescuing them.

-Erinn, translator

blazer: Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn
shirt: Gap
shorts: American Apparel
shoes: from Querol, a chain store in Barcelona
hat: thrifted in Barcelona
bag: Istanbul 2010 ECOC
necklace: from Turkey
ring: from Immigrants' Corner Outdoor Market, in Bend
earrings: from the Met, one with an Aries charm my dad made and the other with my initials

Shop Owner: Anisa of Makool Loves You

I like clothing to be young, exciting, almost child-like but still appropriate to wear in your 30's!

-Anisa, Owner of Makool Loves You

top: Makool Loves You
dress: Makool Loves You
shoes: imelda

Genevieve at Last Thursday

I mix vintage and designer pieces to get a look that is pulled together but not too fussy.

-Genevieve, clothing and textile designer

top: thrifted
skirt: vintage Dior from Maiden Rapture on etsy
shoes: Theory
bag: Cole Haan, a gift
belt: thrifted
sunglasses: Blu Blocker
bracelets: forever 21 and vintage
earrings: Hazel Cox
ring: white one from Buffalo Exchange
wedding ring: heirloom

Hannah at Last Thursday

I am inspired by vintage films. I like items that connect me to the past. My grandmother always wore Ferragamos, so I love to wear them.

-Hannah, Freelance designer and printmaker

dress: vintage from Magpie
shoes: vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
bag: from the expo center antique show
bracelet: from an antique show
necklace: Anthropologie