Erinn in front of Lizard Lounge

I tend to buy the ugliest things. I feel bad for the unwanted items and end up rescuing them.

-Erinn, translator

blazer: Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn
shirt: Gap
shorts: American Apparel
shoes: from Querol, a chain store in Barcelona
hat: thrifted in Barcelona
bag: Istanbul 2010 ECOC
necklace: from Turkey
ring: from Immigrants' Corner Outdoor Market, in Bend
earrings: from the Met, one with an Aries charm my dad made and the other with my initials


  1. Love her and love her quote!

  2. She is totally striking, and I want to be her friend! It is funny how I see people featured on your blog that I wish I could go out for tea and a chat with. I also wish I had things from Barcelona thrift markets.

  3. She reminds me of Samantha Ronson.

  4. So this is Erinn a year later, I'd never looked at this sight. If anyone wants to get a tea, I'd be up for that!, ha. you'll have to send me a note nxt time your here in Bcn, or perhaps portland?

    All the best, thanks for the comments :).


  5. Erin... it's Lisa the photographer... I LOVE your photographs. You are one of my all time favorites. Certainly look me up next time you're in Portland.