Donovan at the Ace

I like to make my look my own, while keeping it simple and easy. I hate irons.
-Donovan, Ace employee

shirt: Levi's
pants: Levi's
shoes: Toms
tie: forever 21
suspenders: Urban Outfitters
glasses: Dolce & Gabbana
watch: Citizen
bracelet: made with ball chain
ring: old Navajo piece
plugs: stones found in Phoenix


  1. Wow. He is beautiful! You can tell that his beauty is inner reflective just by his style.

  2. This guy walked right by me this morning at a bus stop while I was taking my daughter to school and the first thing I thought was, "Model."

    And here he is!

    Love his style and your photos capture it exceedingly well.

  3. what a long willow of beauty.

  4. donovan kicks butt. he taught my model how to fierce her way down the stairs at the portland mercury fashion show.
    don rawks

  5. Munted kowhai... omg that's awesome! Donovan is the raddest.

  6. his style is so clean but still a little edgy. i love this photo.

  7. This, to me, is the epitome of personal style. Love, love, love it.

  8. He is so handsome, love his style and his septum!

  9. this guy looks so great--he makes so many elements & styles come together beautiful. very very nice!

  10. so sleek and original; i'm striving for a female version of this style! :) what an awesome person!