Nicolle at Summer Social

I buy most of my clothes in the children's section!

-Nicolle, Homemaker/Photographer

dress: Target (from the children's section)
apron: vintage
shoes: naturalizer

Megan at First Thursday

I just want to feel comfortable and cute!

-Megan, Grad Student

dress: H & M
shoes: Enzo Angiolini
bracelet: Johnny Loves Rosie
bag: Longchamp

Skip at Portland Farmers Market

I like to buy clothing from companies that are good to people and good to the environment.

-Skip, Barista

hat: Built in Pittsburgh
top, vest + tie: thrifted
jeans: American Eagle
shoes: Toms

Megan at Summer Social

I dress in two different extremes. Depending on the day, my inspiration is either Audrey Hepburn or Joni Mitchell.

-Megan, Photographer

top: H & M
skirt, belt, + shoes: "from my mom"
necklace: vintage key, mom's ring,
locket from Mittenmaker
bag: Etsy
rings: vintage

Shop Owner: Pam of Frances May

I've always loved clothes. My grandmother and I used to go for lunch dates and spend the afternoon shopping together.

-Pam, Co-owner of Frances May

romper: Samantha Pleet
shoes: Minnetonka
necklace: "jade stone from boyfriend,
great-grandmother's (Frances May) ring,
heart charm me and my BFF's bought before we left NYC"

Alisha on NW Irving

My favorite thing about living in Portland is the vibrant creative community.

-Alisha, founder of PDX Salon

dress: thrifted
bag: vintage Coach
shoes: Naturalizer

Gretchen on NW 13th Ave

I love flipping through the latest In Style Magazine for some fashion inspiration. I think my style icon is Blake Lively

-Gretchen, PR Specialist

top: Laundry by Shelli Segal
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Dolce Vita

Jonathan on SW 10th Ave

I try to mix vintage pieces with new purchases. Lately, I've been super inspired by 1920's style.

-Jonathan, Artist

top: vintage
shorts: Loden Dager
socks: "my dad's"
shoes: Aldo Shoes

Jean outside Pulliam Gallery

Lately, I've been playing a lot with my ukulele band. We found each other on Craigslist

-Jean, Social Worker

romper: Dear Creatures
feather headband: Redux
shoes: Crocs

Nancy at First Thursday

I want to dress in a simple, authentic way. Basic, almost boyish pieces are my favorite.

-Nancy, Design Intern at Nike

dress: Urban Outfitters
bag: Beckel Canvas Products
shoes: Steve Madden
necklace: vintage

Betty at Blue Boutique

I just want to be comfortable. I dress according to my mood.

-Betty, Social Worker

dress + belt: American Apparel
leggings + shoes: purchased on a trip to Spain
necklace: Blue Boutique

Jenny on SE Clinton Ave.

I just want to feel comfortable and sexy.


jacket: H+M
top: Urban Outfitters
jeans: thrifted
sandals: vintage

Natalie on NW Irving

I like to wear clothing by local designers and friends.

-Natalie, Mentor at a non-profit

tops: Tresics + American Apparel
shorts: Paperdoll Fashion
shoes: Frye
necklace: AK Vintage

Tiffany on NW 13th Ave

My style is eclectic. One day I'll be dressed like this and the next day like a prairie girl.

-Tiffany, Fashion Student and Jewelry Designer

top: Buffalo Exchange
skirt: thrifted
sandals: Urban Outfitters

Anne at The Laurelhurst Theater

I do a lot of vintage shopping but I always mix my finds with new purchases to give them a fresh look

-Anne, Paralegal

dress: L.A. Made
shoes: Nordstrom Rack
bag: Hawthorne Vintage
necklace: AK Vintage

Sarah on NW Marshall and 17th

My outfits are always a mix of old and new. I also dress for practical reasons. I am wearing these boots because the wine shop I work at is freezing cold!

-Sarah, Wine Shop Salesperson

dress: BCBG
bag: vintage
boots: vintage

Jim at Staccato Gelato

I love wearing this outfit to parties, just because. I live in Dresden and New Orleans. For Mardis Gras, I wear a devil costume and that's a lot of fun!

-Jim, Concert Pianist and Retired Professor

lederhosen: purchased in the Alps

Julia on NE 28th Ave

I don't shop. It's too daunting.
As long as it's free and easy to find, I'll wear it.

-Julia, Florist

dress: vintage 1940's nurses uniform
sandals: found on street
bag: from an Animal Collective concert
sunglasses: borrowed

Gretchen at First Thursday Street Market

I believe in conscious consumption. I think we need to be more present in the way we purchase. Buying timeless pieces with clean lines and then adding interesting accessories each season, is the most sustainable way to dress

-Gretchen, Owner of Mothlove and Hunt & Gather

dress: Mothlove
shoes: Urban Outfitters
necklaces: AK Vintage and Sword + Fern
ring: Paradox

Harvest on NW Flanders

A lot of my jewelry is homemade and I often customize my clothing. I love to reinterpret cultures in a modern way. I call the look Tribal Industrial.

-Harvest, Information Tourist Guide

earrings: made from thumbtacks
top: from Red Light Vintage with hand torn edges
shorts: Buffalo Exchange
shoes: Johnny Sole
bracelets: handmade from vacuum hose
sunglasses: Portland Outdoor Store

Matt at Mississippi Records

I don't wear logos. I like adding artwork to my clothes

- Matt

jacket: thrifted
sweatshirt: American Apparel with homemade patches sewn on
t-shirt: spray painted with stencil
jeans: thrifted
shoes: Naked City

Kelly on SW 10th and Stark

I moved to Portland from NYC to get some peace and quiet. My perfect morning is spent at my sewing machine with a cup of tea.

-Kelly, Secretary/Seamstress

jacket: H&M
blouse: homemade
skirt: J.Crew
bag: from a street market
hat: homemade

Heather on N Williams and Failing St.

I just finished a tour of the West Coast and I've been thrifting and shopping along the way. This is my first pair of skinny jeans.
I love them!

-Heather, Environmental Architect

jacket: thrifted
pants: thrifted
shoes: Vans