Betty at Blue Boutique

I just want to be comfortable. I dress according to my mood.

-Betty, Social Worker

dress + belt: American Apparel
leggings + shoes: purchased on a trip to Spain
necklace: Blue Boutique


  1. I really love the BW portraits in each post. Can I ask which lens you are using to shoot them?
    The posts are fabulous, ladies.
    My new favourite blog!

  2. AnonymousJuly 17, 2009

    Hello Amanda,

    Thanks for your compliments! So sweet. I love my 50mm lens, it's a beautiful lens. I use it for all the photographs here on Urban Weeds.

    One day, I'm hoping to get a nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens... that would be a dream! Anyone have an extra around and want to donate one? (I would freak out that would be so great...oh if only) :)


  3. i love the hugeness of her smile.

  4. Ah, my 50mm is my favourite lens too.Never leaves my camera. :)
    I got to play around with the canon 85 1.2 last year and my god, what a lens.
    None laying around though, sorry!