Michael on NW 3rd Portland Oregon

My style is wabi sabi.
Michael, marketing and buyer for Tanner Goods and Woodlands

shirt: 45 RPM
shirt: Gitman Vintage
shorts: Wings + Horns
shoes: Quoddy
sunglasses: fake Wayfarers 

Lindsey on NW 10th Portland Oregon

I love to mix patterns and textures. I always look for something that can be used in multiple ways.
Lindsey, hair stylist at Amore

dress: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
stockings: H&M
shoes: gift
belt: thrifted
necklace: gift
lipstick: Aveda

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Alex in the Park Blocks Portland Oregon

My style is classic and girly; my grandma always approves of what I'm wearing.
Alex, design student

top: Betsey Johnson
skirt: J. Crew
shoes: Aerosoles
glasses: Versus
bag: Coach

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Annie on Mississippi St. Portland Oregon

I wear a lot of thrifted pieces I like to be comfortable and then add a bit of pizazz.
Annie, Americorps Vista

cardigan: Annie's Catholic High School uniform
shirt: gift 
pin: grandmother's
jeans: naked lady party
belt: thrifted
ring: naked lady party
boots: LL Bean
socks: Target

Corbin in the Park Blocks Portland Oregon

I like to have interesting pieces, that I can layer together. I never want to be so set in a style that I can't play and wear what I want.
Corbin graphic design student at Portland State

croptop: Aritzia
hoodie: Free People
blazer: Free People
jeans: American Apparel
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
necklace: made by Corbin
bracelets: gifts from friends
backpack: hand me down

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Allison on SW 5th Portland Oregon

My style is whimsical, my dress is inspired by the projects I'm working on.
Allison, graphic design student at Portland State

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tights: Merona
shoes: Jessica Simpson
backpack: Fjallraven Kanken
lipstick: Nix Femme

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Patrick on SW Stark Portland Oregon

I'm really drawn to vintage. It's just a free-for-all. I'm always varying between different styles, but like classic with a modern twist.
Patrick barista & student

glasses: vintage
blazer: vintage
shirt: H&M
tie: thrifted
vest: Forever 21
jeans: Levis
shoes: Sperry Topsider

Katie on NW Everett Portland Oregon

Don't pay full price, be creative, take your time, and dress nice. I try to dress sunny.
Katie, executive assistant at W+K

dress: Matix
button-up: Paperboy
scarf: World Market
jeans: Joe's Jeans
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
bracelets: PacSun
rings: from Hawaii
necklace: thrifted

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Khathy at Pioneer Square

I like playing with obscure silhouettes. I like a challenge in the morning - picking one item and then building my outfit around it. I like unconventional pieces, even if it's difficult to work into my wardrobe.
Khathy, works at Marios 

jacket: Built by Wendy
top: Givenchy
skirt: J. Crew
tights: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony
booties: LD Tuttle
bag: Alexander Wang
necklace: from Vietnam

Brent on SW 9th Portland Oregon

I'm particularly inspired by Florence. I people watch while I'm there then translate that to Portland.
Brent Collier, designer

sunglasses: Persol
t-shirt: Roland Garros
jacket: Collier Italian Edition
jeans: Avva
shoes: Superga
hat: Moncler