Sara on SE Belmont, Portland Oregon

I like to combine very feminine style with short shorts and mini dresses.  I also just wear a lot of black and try to find really unique accessories to wear with my outfits.
Sara, photo archivist for Portland State University

glasses: Ray Ban
hoodie: American Apparel 
t-shirt: American Apparel
shorts: Valentine thrifted
tights: unknown
shoes: BC
bag: thrifted
fox tail charm: purchased in San Francisco

by Lisa Warninger


  1. Great style. I love the use of the AA hoodie and V.

  2. Love this! This makes me want to try a hoodie!

  3. Branden and Alice: Isn't it great? Sara looks totally cozy and comfortable yet still dressed in an interesting way.

  4. my little sis-in-law had one of these fur bag accessories when i visited her in nyc last weekend. i am not sure i understand them, but i am intrigued.

  5. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    the fox tail is gorgeous

  6. Your style is fab, the fox tail is so cute too.

  7. There's a lady in Portland area that crafts fox/coyote/skunk etc from reclaimed scrap. Her tails are way stonger than any others I've seen or owned. She attaches them to a steel cable for a practically indestructable tail. Her man pulled her off feet by her tail! I got one on the spot, been wearing it everyday since farieworlds harvest last year.

    Her website is