Mychal on N Mississippi, Portland Oregon

I like to wear things that are preppy and classic, but transitional. Things that I could wear to a punk show or a nice dinner and not look out of place.
Mychal, musician Campfire Ok

shirt: BDG
pants: H&M
shoes: vintage Sperry Top Siders
watch: Swatch
bag: Staple Ford
glasses: vintage Japanese 
necklace: vintage bike parts, made by Mychal


  1. I love his hairstyle, and that bag! I'm always so impressed by the great eyewear in Portland.

  2. What a surprise to see Mychal of Campfire Ok on here! I love his band!

  3. Chelsea: I just scrolled through and realized I've been featuring a lot of glasses lately. Glasses are cool. What can I say? I'm a fan.

    Britta:Yeah! We just ran into him on Mississippi. Great style, great music.

  4. I love his band and I love it when I see him on Capitol Hill in Seattle! I think he works at Presse? maybe I'll snap his style one of these days too