Sara in Pioneer Square

My take on fashion is like a kid with a costume box, I dress like the character I want to be that day. I never wear pants.
Sara, student

sweater: Souchi
dress: thrifted
coat: APC
tights: Wolford
boots: Dr Martens
bag: Sabrina Tach
feather on bag: Portland Art Museum
earrings: Forever 21, Claire's


  1. I love her boots but you didn't say where they're from! vintage?

  2. Hi Alexis... you're right! Adding that right now.

  3. This outfit makes me happy. :-) It's so carefree and comfy.

  4. amazing shoes. the layers in her outfit are really lovely. also, it's fun to have pioneer square as a backdrop. i don't think you've shot there before!

  5. Rambling Tart: me too! I want that Souchi sweater. They are super cozy. I wish you could see the bag better, but trust me it's great.

    Chelsea: First time in Pioneer Square. It does make a pretty backdrop. I need to shoot in some more iconic Portland locations. Suggestions anyone?

  6. I just *love* the mix of the feminine print dress, anorak and boots here -- it somehow works perfectly together! :)

  7. aw, loving hearing from people who dress as a "character for the day." I do this, too, and it warms my heart to know I'm not alone. =)

    I love how the black and white photos, paired with the quotes from your subjects, always make me feel like I can see the PERSON behind your images. So many of these people are just radiating deep, kind, warm souls. This project seriously makes portland seem like its populated entirely by gentle thoughtful creatures (which might not be far of the mark, I remember when I lived there that it was completely normal to greet all the strangers you passed on the streets).

    as regards other iconic PDX locations, Hawthorne bridge? Powell's? Japanese garden?