Rie on NW Irving

I like layering and playing around with color, texture, and proportions, then giving them a quirky twist. Like good music, good design never gets old or goes out of style.
Rie, co/designer & co/owner of Nom&Ada

shirt: thrifted
jacket: And A
skirt: French Connection
tights: Kutsushitaya
shoes: Nom&Ada
earrings: made by Rie
necklace: gift from friend
watch: mothers hand me down
ring: gift from mother

by Lisa Warninger


  1. first of all, she is beautiful. i love her necklace (tiny and minimalist), LOVE those earrings, and love her top. beautiful photos, as always.

  2. how damn cute is she? I love the subtle eyeliner.

  3. adorable and smart. all of her pieces are classic and perfect for dressing up or down, really. love the earrings!

  4. Very pretty...love the classic style with a twist.