Bryan on NW Thurman St, Portland

I like to dress with classic components, but add in quirky items. I like patterns. I overdress for everything, form over function - I am not a comfort dresser.
Bryan, marketing assistant

sweater: AVVA 
shirt: Kenzo
 tie: Karmath
tie clip: inherited from grandfather 
suit jacket: Givenchy
jeans: APC
shoes: Frye
bag: Vanport Outfitters
coat: Hyden Yoo
gloves: Brooks Brothers 


  1. i love the pop of color with his tie. i bet bryan has an amazing closet.

  2. I am a little in awe of how stylish he is. Is that a floral shirt he's wearing? Amazing!

  3. Love the tie!

  4. He looks absolutely charming and witty. Love that he has (and wears) the inherited tie clip. I'm extra happy to have your posts back in action btw!

  5. Absolutely perfect, down to the last detail. Amazing!

  6. Always a fan of a sharp dressed man. Every detail of his style is wonderful.

  7. If all Portland men dressed this well...

  8. i wish all men in this city dressed this well. having moved here from nyc, i seldom see stylish men. while i don't mind hiking books and the like, that's hiking gear. not street wear. uggh...