Matt on NW Hoyt, Portland

When I put clothes on I look for fit and temperature comfort.
Matt, actor

hat: H&M
glasses: LA Eye Works
scarf: Gap
jacket: Horny Toad
jeans: Levis
belt: H&M
shoes: Diesel
bag: Timbuktu

by Lisa Warninger


  1. Great heartwarming smile! Awesome!

  2. I like his shoes a lot!

  3. Tons of personality here!!

  4. What a great! Perfect photo to start the day :)

  5. i just love this! my husband and i visited portland a few years ago and still want to chuck it all and move there...

    I just wanted to send a little note telling you how much i adore your blog..i just love it! And also to let you know that I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger's the link...

    Congrats on a great blog...
    All best
    Katie Zeigler
    k.t. blue designs