Aaron on NW 23rd

My style just kind of happens.  Moving to Portland from San Francisco I've noticed that function is a really big thing here, but I kind of hate it.  I feel like the fashion gets lost and I'm just not down with that.
Aaron, bartender and indie music blogger/reporter

glasses: Metro Park
t-shirt: friend's band
hoodie: Diesel
jacket: thrifted
rings: Sticks & Stones and Obey
belt: Jet Lag
cords: Levis
chain: H&M
boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction

by Lisa Warninger


  1. nice glasses. that jacket's pretty rad, yeah?

  2. I think Portlanders are special because most realize that life shouldn't revolve around looking pretty. I guess you just have to think: When you are lying on your death bed, will you be happy because you focused so much on looking good, or, because you actually did something with the time you were given? Just a functional thought...

  3. There's a balance that can be achieved between function and fashion. But seriously, what Aaron said about Fashion vs Function just made me realize that (six years into motherhood) I have slowly and unknowingly moved from a place where fashion reigned to a place of functionality. Not by choice but by default of the daily grind. I don't think there's anything wrong with being concerned about looking your best. On the contrary, it excites me. It inspires me. It opens me up. Fashion is an expression of my being. It's a self portrait. And I'm ready to bring my personal expression of self through fashion back into my life. Thanks Aaron. Thanks Lisa. xoxo

  4. and he's really cute. hi aaron! ;)

  5. Huh, I guess I don't really get it as his outfit seems fairly functional to me - layers for warmth but the ability to lighten up if the sun pops out, boots for the rain, and dark cords that won't show bike chain grease.

    I think some of the function is based on the weather here - you definitely see more "fashion" in the summer/early fall when more style can be exposed & not covered by heavy coats/rain gear. Portlanders are also pretty active - for me, one decision in picking skirts or shoes is can I ride my bike in it? If I can't, I know that garment/shoe will be less wearable. But maybe I'm just getting defensive as I tend to do any time Portland is compared to California - sorry :)

  6. I appreciate this dialogue regarding fashion vs. function. I personally believe you can have it both ways without that much effort!
    To Aaron: I think he's a really cute guy who looks great in his clothes. However, I have seen many guys in Portland sporting this same style, and it DOES appear very functional....just sayin'.

  7. You do such a wonderful job of catching faces. Lovely :)

  8. this weed looks a lot like my husband- so naturally- i like his style. my husband always wears levis (jeans and cords), he has a very similar leather jacket (almost identical), and similar black beatle boots.
    i am glad my husband has style. i know it doesn't really matter, but sometimes it's nice to be able to ask his opinion on an outfit and to get a genuinely good answer.

  9. my favorite thing about aaron is that he is the perfect example of function and fashion. style can still be functional. you don't have to wear keens and yoga pants to be functional. aaron could totally ride bike in this ensemb, but still look put together doing it.

  10. He's cute! Love the pop of green.

  11. Coming from a sunny country where weather is never an issue, I understand what he is saying. I currently live in super rainy and cold Vancouver and notice the same things. People need to dress for warmth and for rain and often style goes out the window to compensate.
    I imagine Portland's climate is very similar to Vancouver's.
    I have definitely had to change the way I dress since moving from Australia to Canada and it has been a frustrating learning curve. Im still learning how to find style under a mountain of rain gear lol

  12. p.s. I really like his head shot. Nice work, Miss Lisa.

  13. I love the way Portlanders work function into their fashion--it feels great to be ready for anything!


  14. monochromatic with a slap of bright color always looks good. I love your blog btw.