Britt on SE Stark St

I'm a mom, so I like to be mobile. Jumpers are my favorite.

-Britt, co-owner of Portland Garment Factory

onesie: thrifted
sweater: vintage
leotard: American Apparel
shoes: thrifted
necklace: from Una, borrowed from a friend

Kara on SE 64th Ave

I love dressing up! My style is very eclectic, drawing a lot from the 30's and 40's.

-Kara, wedding coordinator at Ella Events

dress: thrifted in Traverse City, MI
sweater: Target
shoes: Tribeca
tights: from Marshall Field's
glases: Urban Outfitters
ring: gift from husband

Greg on SE 64th Ave

I love things that are classic and vintage, but have a contemporary edge.

-Greg, musician and reporting analyst for Nike

shirt: Target
sweater: thrifted
pants: Levi's
shoes: Cole Haan, a gift
bowtie: Alexander Olch from Winn Perry
belt: Macy's
glasses: vintage deadstock
watch: grandfather's

Melody on SE Clinton

I like things that are furry or shiny!

Melody, social worker

dress: from the mall
coat: from a neighbor
shoes: Charlotte Russe
tights: from mom
earrings, bracelet, opal ring: grandma's

Jon on SE 12th Ave

I like to be comfortable. That usually involves a cardigan!

-Jon, landlord and American Apparel employee

shirt: from a show
cardigan: American Apparel
jeans: Levi's
leather jacket: from Ray's Ragtime
shoes: Adidas

Eli on SE 12th Ave

I purchase anything a John Hughes character would wear and then I throw it on the floor and forget about it. I end up wearing whatever comes to the top of the pile.

-Eli, actor and writer

shirt: Faconnable
jeans: APC from Local 35
coat: from Urban Outfitters
shoes: Lacoste
scarf: Gucci
watch: Swatch

Joanne on SE Clinton St

My parents always put me in old things with lots of character. Now I wear all vintage and love 20's and 30's costumy things and fantastic patterns and colors.

-Joanne, embroidery artist of Chromium Dumb Belle

top: Red Light
leggings: acquired
shoes: from London
scarf: acquired
earrings: from a shop on Haight in San Francisco

Dan on SE Clinton St

I draw from the look and feel of Hitchcock and Italian Giallo films.

-Dan, motion graphic artist and co-creator of Prance & Swagger

shirt: Ermenegildo Zegna
pants: Levi's
sweater: Neiman Marcus
jacket: Pierre Cardin
shoes: Italian leather boots
belt: Prada
glasses: ebay

Jenny on SE Main St.

As a designer I look for interesting pattens, color, and fit. I like to mix patterns with texture.

- Jenny, interior designer

boots: Nine West
leggings: Target
dress: thrifted from the Sixer
bracelet: gift from sister
sweater: had since high school
belt: Macys
scarf: borrowed from sister
necklace: thrifted
earnings: Charlotte Russe