Joanne on SE Clinton St

My parents always put me in old things with lots of character. Now I wear all vintage and love 20's and 30's costumy things and fantastic patterns and colors.

-Joanne, embroidery artist of Chromium Dumb Belle

top: Red Light
leggings: acquired
shoes: from London
scarf: acquired
earrings: from a shop on Haight in San Francisco


  1. This is the most amazing outfit I've seen all year

  2. Oooo, what a lovely colorful and textural surprise!

  3. Yay! I recently met Joanne at Xtabay. She is super cool and nice!!

  4. I love this outfit, as it is something I would probably never wear, but she pulls it off & looks amazing. It's totally her own style, is surprising, and is original - sometimes everyone in PDX tends to dress the same, i.e. boots, skinny pants, etc(and I'm guilty of this, too!). Love the shoes, too.