Lisa Warninger

Lisa Warninger is a commercial photographer based in Portland Oregon specializing in lifestyle, fashion, food, and street style photography. Her street style blog Urban Weeds makes a regular appearance in New York Magazine and frequently tops worldwide charts on Street Style News. Her clients include Chronicle Books, Elle.com, The Daily out of NYC, as well as many independent designers such as Elizabeth Dye, Twigs and Honey, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, and Tokketok Press. She earned her degree from world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

I photograph people that I find inspiring. This doesn't mean that every bit of every outfit is perfect, we are in Portland after all. This city is full of creatives and innovative thinkers. Browse the site, you'll find a lot of neat people on here. Feel free to email me: urbanweedsblog@gmail.com

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Photo by Chelsea Fuss

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Urban Weeds™ was founded on June 22, 2009 by stylist Chelsea Fuss of Frolic and Lisa Warninger of Lisa Warninger Photography. Chelsea left in late 2009 and Urban Weeds is currently run by just Lisa. The logo was designed by the talented Matt Pierce of  Wood & Faulk and Designweld.

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