Maddison on N Michigan Ave Portland Oregon

I'm a tomboy. 
Maddison, city rep for Ally Coalition

beanie: American Apparel 
shirt: Native Youth
jacket: Pointer
necklace: Need Supply
pants: BDG
shoes: Dr. Martens

Elizabeth on NE 81st Ave Portland Oregon

I like fun clothes: neo-traditionalist, androgyny, three piece suit and a bow tie...attention to details, and pieces that connect me to my family. 

top: H&M
jeans: gap
shoes: BCBG
bracelets: from sister
Pink London ascot: from uncle
eyeglasses: Modo

Katie on NE Alberta St Portland Oregon

I dress like I'm in TLC.
Katie, auditor for NW Natural / interior designer / PR for Creators

jacket: thrifted
dress: Love In
necklace: thrifted
shoes: Nike
beanie: The Creators

Katrina at Eastbank Esplanade Portland Oregon

Usually I like to have my boots, belt, and bag match. I add some color, and some clashing patterns.
Katrina, screen printer / works at Anthropologie and Greenleaf Juicing Co.

crop top: Urban Outfitters
floral cardigan: thrifted
denim vest: Lee, modified
skirt: Anthropologie
boots: thrifted
bag: Anthropologie
scarf: thrifted
sunglasses: Anthropologie