Claudia on NW Nicolai Portland Oregon

I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. My style can be a little retro or a little rocker. I like to find weird pieces and mix them into my wardrobe. 
Claudia, marketing and PR manager at Joes Jeans

t-shirt: band shirt from Rival Sons
jacket: Joes Easy Rider
jeans: Joes Highwater in Jess
shoes: Sam Edelman
bag: Cambridge Satchel Company

Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show was amazing! I had so much fun in Miami with all the style influencers and our regional winners. I'll be writing up a post Thursday showing some of the fun times we had along with the 5 looks I created for the show. In the meantime Cotton has made it easy to Shop the Runway. See a look you like, click over and buy it. How cool is that?


  1. Love her jacket :)

    xo Ashley

  2. my thoughts:
    1. good lord that jacket is fantastic!
    2. google
    3. good lord that jacket is over $500 bucks!
    4. oh. she works there.
    5. sigh

  3. Love your dress..


  4. Beautifull photos and great blog, especially for me thanks.

  5. Gotta love her smile!

  6. I love the first shot, so natural! And the jacket!

  7. Absolutely can't wait to hear more about the show Lisa!

    I adore Claudia's jacket and shoes... I need them...

  8. this is a great site!! my sister and I will be up for vaca this week and I needed some style inspiration, since California has had nothing but 80 degree weather. I cant wait for the rainy weather.

  9. I love Portland's Street Style, I live in Vancouver and I love visiting Portland. They have a great rocker chic style.

  10. Stylish outfit. I love that jacket.

  11. nice look! love the jacket (I own it myself) and the fun, nonchalant attitude.
    kat from