Melvin at Directors Park Portland Oregon

I like a tailored suit and tie, modern elegance.
Melvin Financial Analyst

button up: Billy Reed
sweater: Brooks Brothers
jacket: Banana Republic
jeans: Levis
shoes: Allen Edmonds
tie: 1901

Calling all stylish men!!!

I've been busy going through Cotton's Style Gallery and am convinced there needs to be more men up there. Northwest men have a fantastic sense of style. When I'm scouting I see raw denim, great boots, perfect plaids, to more dressy like Melvin's style above. 

Are you a man with great style? Show us. Upload your photo here


  1. Melvin is looking handsome! Love it.

  2. Nice outfit, it's like they say, the clothes do make the man.

  3. I love this outfit. Its proper sweet

  4. Loafers and baggy jeans? Really? Barf.