Justin on SW Stark Portland Oregon

I like versatile pieces, something I can walk around in the woods and still go to a restaurant. 

sweater: Banana Republic
pants: L.L. Bean
boots: L.L. Bean

I really love this whole look, it's warm, comfortable and makes sense for the Northwest. The cotton oxblood colored pants really makes the entire look. Oxblood is deep enough to be used as a neutral but still add the interest of color. You can find a pair in any price range, Alexander McQueen makes a pair, Dickies makes a pair available at Target, and a corduroy pair from L.L. Bean. Best thing about all of them, they're cotton! 

Share your best cotton style at Cotton's Road to the Runway. If you haven't checked in recently, be sure to click over. Lot's of great new street style is up each day. I would love to see more looks from the Northwest, but you can upload your style no matter where you live in America.


  1. That is a terrific Pacific Northwest look.

  2. Greetings from the northeast. As a Maine resident I'm always proud to see people incorporate LL Bean clothing and accessories into their ensembles. Because of the harsh winters and short summers we tend to wear clothing in layers and made from durable materials. I really enjoy this outfit and have worn similar choices when a work or out on the town. The Bean boots are versatile both as a staple of country living and fashionability. I look forward to more suggestions.