Alia on SE 31st Portland Oregon

I typically like layers and textures more than patterns. I'm obsessed with ombré. 
Alia, food and prop stylist

blazer: Quicksilver
dress: Kara-line
jeans: Sass & Bide
shoes: Kimchi & Blue
bag: Matt & Nat

Frederic on E Burnside Portland Oregon

I feel there are certain clothes that are right for each day. I tend to select clothes that represent my French heritage and the Pacific Northwest.
 Frederic, artist / studies world music

shirt: J.Crew
pants: Uniqlo
shoes: thrifted
hat: thrifted
belt: thrifted
bag: J.Crew

Tara on SW 13th Portland Oregon

I go with my gut. I take my inspiration from what I see on the street, in blogs, and in stores. I look at material, texture, color... it's whatever draws me. 
Tara, concept designer for Nike

blouse: thrifted
shorts: Levi's cut off
booties: thrifted
bag: thrifted

I'm the fall street style photographer-in-residence at Modcloth! Click over to the post here

Oliver on NE Couch Portland Oregon

I dress him like a little person. 
Alia, Oliver's mom

top: Inklet
jacket: Country Road
pants: Zara
shoes: Native
hat: Gap

by Lisa Warninger

Chris on SW 13th Portland Oregon

Inspired by color.
Chris, artist

sweater: Uniqlo
button-up: Gap
shorts: H&M
shoes: Vans
sunglasses: Ray Ban

Elizabeth on NW Thurman Portland Oregon

I'm inspired by color, patterns, and charm. I tend to pick vibrant tones, I'm a redhead.
Elizabeth, owner of Espe Floral 

jumper: vintage
belt: vintage
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Scout on SE 30th Portland Oregon

I wear somewhat neutral colors, my wife dresses me.
Scout, photographer

shirt: Saba
pants: RVCA
belt: thrifted
shoes: from Halo

Meghan on W Burnside Portland Oregon

I thrift.
Meghan, seamstress

sunglasses: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
shorts: thrifted
shoes: thrifted
bag: thrifted

Olivia on NW 23rd Portland Oregon

My style is classic but bright and funky. I'm inspired by the people around me and the place I'm living in.
Olivia, fashion design student at FIT

shirt: Urban Outfitters
pants: J. Crew
shoes: J. Crew
bag: Fossil
sunglasses: Ray-Ban
necklaces: from Chinatown in San Francisco, Forever 21

David on NW 11th Portland Oregon

I like durable, practical, unique clothing. I like to borrow from different time periods and professions.
David, custodian/barback at Dig a Pony, aspiring English teacher

shirt: vintage
jacket: Pointer Brand
pants: Levi's
shoes: vintage
hat: Brixton

Kent on NW Flanders Portland Oregon

I'm inspired by the British Isles, Ivy League, Tom Ford, and the Pacific Northwest.
Kent, musician, J.Crew personal stylist, beard enthusiast

shirt: APC
pants: J.Crew
tie: J.Crew
belt: J.Crew
shoes: Cole Haan
backpack: Deena & Ozzy
sunglasses: Ray Ban

by Lisa Warninger

Vanessa on SW Yamhill Portland Oregon

I wear tights and dresses 6 days a week. I like to be comfortable. I usually have crazy hair.

dress: self-made
tights: H&M
shoes: Target
bag: thrifted
bicycle: Windsor

by Lisa Warninger

Morgan on SW Yamhill Portland Oregon

I'm influenced by 80s punk/hardcore, 60s California, 40s glamour, and New York street style.
Morgan, student, freelance makeup artist

shirt: Levi's
shorts: American Apparel
shoes: Alfani
bag: Buffalo Exchange
necklace: made by mom (Dark Moon Rising)
bracelets: Anthropologie, gift from aunt

by Lisa Warninger

Tina on SW 13th Portland Oregon

My style is classic but eclectic, and I never throw anything away.
Tina, color designer for Nike

dress: vintage
belt: Hermés
bracelet: Hermés
necklace: vintage
clutch: Ale Sly
shoes: Givenchy
rings: vintage

Laurie at Director's Park Portland Oregon

I like mixing and matching different styles and patterns. I try to incorporate my older pieces with my newer ones. I like to look different and be comfortable.
Laurie, works for veterans' administration

top: Nordstrom
jacket: J. Crew 
skirt: Nordstrom
shoes: vintage
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
belt: Nordstrom
sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
earrings: Betsy & Iya
necklaces: Betsy & Iya, vintage

by Lisa Warninger

Sasha at Pioneer Square Portland Oregon

My signature is a red lip. My dress is inspired by whatever country I'm in. I like classic pieces with an edge.
Sasha, backpacker, student of graphic design and African studies

top: from Sloan
jacket: Silence and Noise
skirt: Madewell
shoes: Madewell
bag: Deena and Ozzy

by Lisa Warninger