Suzannah on NE 7th

I sew. I look to the outside world for my inspiration then I come home to reinvent it into something I love. I've found a good balance between what I should make and what makes more sense to purchase. 

dress: self-made from new and thrifted fabrics
jacket: Valet
shoes: thrifted, then dyed by Suzannah
sunglasses: from the Dollar Tree
bag: Old Navy


  1. She dyed her shoes!!? That seriously makes her so incredibly awesome. Love her use of bright colors!

  2. Her style is so lovely; it's feminine, classic and well thought out. And her shoes -- I love that she dyed them! That color is perfect for summer. So fresh!

  3. Jacket- Valet? Is this a brand, store, or ? Can't find any leads to this...