Cyan on N Shaver Portland Oregon

I dress for where I wish I was - like the English countryside.
Cyan, artist

glasses: vintage Bausch + Lomb
scarf: naked lady party
sweater: naked lady party
blazer: stolen from boyfriend
bag: naked lady party
skirt: found on street
tights: flea market
shoes: vintage


  1. She is cute. I love her haircut and her big glasses!

  2. Cyan! I saw your pretty hair and, knowing I was heading to a styling appointment today, thought about getting something done inspired by your look. I love dramatic changes and would never cry, so after a quick discussion my stylist chopped about 6" off. She added lots of layers too. Thanks for spontaneous inspiration.

  3. i want to go to one of your naked lady many great finds!

  4. loving this look :) so cute