Bennett Tabor in the Park Blocks, Portland Oregon

Bennett wears a lot of of simple solids or stripes - nothing cutesy. He basically wears things that his dad would wear.
Becca, Bennett's mom

hat: American Apparel 
shirt: American Apparel
hoodie: American Apparel
jeans: Gap
wellies: Piccolina

Featured on Framed

I'm featured this week on [Framed] a wonderful show that takes a peek of how photographers work. Take a look behind the scenes and go on set and on the street with me.

Prop Stylist: Chelsea Fuss
Wardrobe Stylist: Lauren Hartmann
Hair and Makeup: Madeline Roosevelt
Co-host:  Heidi Haden Velvet Owl Photography
Location:  Le Train Bleu  
Street Style: Parker Fitzgerald

Parker on SW Stark, Portland Oregon

I enjoy harkening back to the 40's.  I love a simpler time.  I'm drawn to vintage military, old leather and the Portlandy lumberjack look.  I want to look like C.S. Lewis / J.R.R. Tolkien circa 1943.
Parker Fitzgerald, art/photographer/design/illustration director

hat: J.Crew
jacket: vintage
shirt: vintage
jeans: Imogene & Willie's
boots: vintage W.C. Russels
socks: J.Crew
bag: Sketchbook, made by a friend
camera: Voigtlander BESSA R2A

by Lisa Warninger

Allie on NE Alberta, Portland Oregon

I like to create balance with what I wear; between layers and colors, complimentary textures and shades
Allie, barista and student

glasses: Sasaki
tank: Ross
dress: swapped for it at a naked lady party
leggings: Target
boots: Blowfish

Amy on NW 18th Portland Oregon

I look for items with interesting details like pleats or buttons and try a new pairing with them each day.
Amy, student at OHSU

top: Gap
sweater: Fossil
jeans: Joe's
scarf: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Biviel
earrings: gift from sister
daffodil: from her kitchen

by Lisa Warninger

Tom on SE Water Avenue, Portland Oregon

I dress a little conservative and a little like a substitute teacher. I put effort into my appearance and like collared shirts.  I buy things that will last. I also get a considerable amount of help from my girlfriend Jenny so I don't screw it up too bad.
Tom, barista trainer at American Barista and Water Avenue Coffee

jacket: vintage Pendleton
cardigan: Izod
shirt: Linelock
jeans: Melting Pot
shoes: Timberland
sunglasses: Oakley

Sarah on SE Water Avenue in Portland Oregon

I add my own touch to vintage and thrift store finds.
Sarah, barista at Water Avenue Coffee

dress: thrifted in Idaho
cardigan: vintage with a pterodactyl patch sewn on from Sarah's old dinosaur blanket and buttons from her great grandmother's button collection
tights: DNKY
shoes: Aldo
belt: Native American souvenir shop in Montana
necklace: flea market in Philadelphia

by Lisa Warninger

Jesse on SW Stark, Portland Oregon

I like color - and I really like red.
Jesse, electronics technician

glasses: Viennese
jacket: from Munich
shirt: thrifted Pendleton 
sweatshirt: band hoodie
pants: Arborwear
shoes: Converse

Cameron on NW Broadway, Portland Oregon

I like to wear things that are fun, but I pare it down so I don't look crazy.
Cameron, student

glasses: Jean LaFont
blazer: thrifted
scarf: from Mexico
dress: thrifted
tights: HUE
boots: Franco Sarto

Kimy on NW 13th, Portland Oregon

Often times it only takes one good find to inspire a whole look. That's what I appreciate about vintage/thrifting. Mixing the old with the new... Appreciation for the past and looking forward to what may come. I love this quote by Jean-Luc Godard It's not where you take things from—it's where you take them to.”
Kimy, co-owner/designer of Nom&Ada

dress: vintage Hawaiian
jacket: Inhabit
cashmere scarf: Nordstrom
belt: thrifted
shoes: Nom&Ada
earrings: bought at a Hawaiian market
tote: Not Applicable
bracelet: Pamela Love, gift from boyfriend

by Lisa Warninger

Maya on SW Second, Portland Oregon

Some days I want to be a wallflower, on others I want all eyes on me.
Maya, works at Adam Arnold's studio and design management student

top: Uniqlo
jacket: vintage Levi's
skirt: Adam Arnold
tights: American Apparel
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
rings: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Boe Jewelry
bracelet: from Beirut, Lebanon
earrings: Rachel Knight
backpack: Pendleton